Use Creative Stickers as WhatsApp Marketing Tool with Stickey

Instant messaging has always been one of the effective tools when it comes to brand marketing. With cutthroat competition, it is evident that businesses are now looking for new marketing channels that can bring them not only visitors but also customers willing to buy their service or product.

WhatsApp has been one of the instant messaging platforms that provided companies to utilize it for marketing purposes. It is currently a great cross-platform mobile messaging app which is free to use. This makes WhatsApp an excellent tool for sharing information in the form of images, audio, and video either through direct messages or group. The two most significant advantage of using WhatsApp for marketing includes customer communication and customer support.

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How to Do WhatsApp Marketing by Creative WhatsApp Stickers?

All of these bring us to the new “WhatsApp Sticker” feature. It enables the use of WhatsApp stickers which adds a new dimension to WhatsApp marketing.

Marketers can utilize these features to create stickers and publish them on WhatsApp. By doing so, they are engaging the audience in a new way and enabling them to interact with the brand.

So, What are WhatsApp Stickers?

WhatsApp Stickers is a relatively new feature that is pushed by Facebook to their WhatsApp iOS and Android app. It allows users or admins to send stickers to anyone in a group or personal chat to express a wide range of emotions. However, the current count of stickers has been increased to 30 by WhatsApp. To make them work, the sticker publishers have to release their apps with the stickers on the Play and App stores.

The sticker publishers have to re-publish their apps every time they add new sticker packs and ask the users to add them.

Start Your Whatsapp Marketing Campaign with Stickey

This is where we come in. We developed Stickey, a handy WhatsApp web app that lets you publish your own stickers app and add stickers without the need of republishing them.

Stickey also has support for dynamic stickers and can be integrated into existing apps. It also gives the publishers the ability to add new stickers and notify the members about it through push notifications.

We aim to improve WhatsApp marketing and enable entrepreneurs or established businesses to leverage the new feature.

How can eCommerce enthusiasts leverage WhatsApp Stickers as a marketing tool?

Even though almost every business out there can take benefit of Stickey, we think that eCommerce enthusiasts can leverage WhatsApp stickers to their advantage. Their business model is all about releasing new products that are hard to market thanks to how overflooded the market is.

With WhatsApp stickers and Stickey, eCommerce enthusiasts can manage to connect with their audience through stickers which can be a great way to engage and communicate.

eCommerce enthusiasts can also release stickers that directly connect with the audience including the ability to share new merchandise releases.

Our client Ek Number managed to increase their visitors count by >500% using WhatsApp stickers as a new marketing channel.

Caption: Google Analytics figures

The fact that they now can add new dynamic stickers from the backend ensured that they could grow on their terms. The whole new channel is ideal for merchandise and eCommerce companies who want to take advantage of WhatsApp.


Merchandise or eCommerce based companies need to always connect with their audience to make a long-term relationship. WhatsApp stickers provide a new way to connect and establish trust. Our aims with Stickey are to ensure that startups or companies can use the new marketing channel to their advantage with the benefits of customizing, proper integration, push notification and much more. Stickey is also available for both Android and iOS and hence is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking to make their merchandise shine.

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