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It's time for you to take your business online, in a timely and affordable manner.
After working with a lot of SMEs, we realized that businesses can gain a lot of traction and visibility when they go online. Hence, in order to empower upcoming SMEs, we decided to use our expertise and years of experience in building scalable and affordable ecommerce apps and solutions. Our ecommerce apps and website package will help you in getting more sales and visibility in just TWO weeks.
The return on investment will speak for itself.

Payment Gateways

ecommerce mobile app amazon-pay

Amazon Pay

ecommerce mobile app cc-avenue

CC Avenue

ecommerce mobile app google-pay

Google Pay

ecommerce mobile app mobikwik


ecommerce mobile app paypal


ecommerce mobile app paytm


ecommerce mobile app instamojo


Phone Pe

ecommerce mobile app razorpay


Get a Complete Ecommerce Package

Get Your Own Ecommerce Mobile and Website with Amazing Features

ecommerce mobile app catalog management
Catalog Management

In the ecommerce business, catalog management is a strategic process of managing all of your ecommerce products to ensure that quality across all sales channels. In the ecommerce business, catalog management includes how merchants organize, standardize, and publish their product data.

ecommerce mobile app customer management
Customer Management

The key to a successful ecommerce business is how well a store is communicating with the customers. With a robust CRM, customers’ experience can improve in a variety of ways helping a merchant in generating amazing revenue.

ecommerce payment gateway integration
Payment Gateway Integration

Choosing a right payment gateway for an ecommerce business is a very crucial step for a successful venture. Consider payment gateway as the metaphorical cash register in an electronic transaction. Popular payment gateway includes Stripe, PayPal, UPI, and Net Banking.

ecommerce mobile app shipping feature
Ship to Anywhere

Ecommerce shipping encompasses all the important aspects of the online business. An ecommerce shipping is about more than just free shipping or fast delivery as with the right partner, ecommerce shipping can increase the efficiency of any business and make it a brand.

Data Analytics

Analytics and Data Science is heavily used to drive customers and increase the merchant experience in understanding the ecommerce business. A comprehensive ecommerce analytics tracking system helps you to design a strategy to analyse large amounts of data in order to produce actionable insights.

ecommerce mobile app data import
Data Import

ECommerce database migration is a long drawn process and requires adequate time and efforts. With in-depth understanding of ecommerce platforms, the data migration experts help business owners to relocate ecommerce data without any disruption.


ecommerce login signup page
Secure login with social media
ecommerce app homepage ui design
Amazing layout to attract more customers
best category mobile app page
Sell anything from books to groceries
ecommerce app product details page
All the product details in one place
ecommerce app item and cart screen
Online/offline payment options

Add On Plugins

shopping cart abandonment in ecommerce
Abandoned Cart

Often, customers forget to complete the order, and the products remain unordered in their shopping cart. With CartWIZ, reminding the customers of their waiting shopping cart might convert an abandoned cart into an order.

best multilingual ecommerce website
Multilingual Interface

With first in class, you can have your entire eCommerce application in HINDI. Yes, CartWIZ’s entire interface can be translated into HINDI to give your customers a better experience.

push-notifications for ecommerce app

With Product Offers, order status update, push-notification is the best method of communication for your mobile app. CartWIZ push-notifications plugin will keep users engaged through your mobile app, in order to drive revenue.

ecommerce product recommendation to increase sales
Product Recommendation

With advanced Machine Learning, the CartWIz eCommerce app will automatically understand your customer's behavior based on their previous order and enhance the overall online shopping experience.

shopping cart abandonment stats
Abandoned Checkout

It happens most of the time when customers discontinue the checkout process. With CartWIZ’s amazing algorithm, we can remind them of their abandoned checkout and ask to complete the payment.

predictive analytics for ecommerce
Advance Analytics

Get an Advance Analytics Plugin for your CartWIZ eCommerce app and get a timely report of your customer’s behaviour and learn how you can generate extra income.

ecommerce advertising better ROI

Everyone wants to monetize through their eCommerce platform. With CartWIZ’s ad-integration, you can start earning even if someone is only visiting your mobile application.

ecommerce business with alexa skills
Alexa Skills

With the right skills enabled, Alexa would help merchants track sales, monitor better communication, organize tasks, and do much more within your own eCommerce app. As an eCommerce business owner, you have to enable your skills in the Alexa App and you will be amazed by the things that Alexa can do for your business.

ecommerce whatsapp marketing
WhatsApp Marketing Tool

Create your own WhatsApp stickers and promote your eCommerce business via most used instant messaging services of WhatsApp. Engage the audience in a new way and enable them to interact with your online store.

Add On Services

free content creation tool for ecommerce
Content Writing

We all know that content is king if you want more conversions on your eCommerce business. With CitrusLeaf’s amazing content writing services, you can bring direct leads that will accelerate your online business.

ecommerce content marketing strategies
Content Marketing

If content is king then marketing is queen -- they both have to walk hand-in-hand. Our Digital Marketing team will make sure that your content is reaching the right audience. With social bookmarking to Web 2.0 submissions, our highly skilled team will help you bring direct leads. Reach out to use at for more info.

best ecommerce SEO for app
Search Engine Optimization

Get your eCommerce business on Google’s very first page by availing our SEO and SMM services. With the right keywords, our Digital Marketing experts will help you rank your products and services.

whatsapp stickers designs
WhatsApp Stickers design

WhatsApp stickers can be a very cool way to promote your eCommerce business. Avail our WhatsApp sticker design services and create your own stickers to help you in promoting your eCommerce business.


cheap ecommerce website builder
Affordable Solution

No need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on eCommerce app development. Get your hands on all the features of CartWIZ at a very affordable price and start earning from the very next day.

admin dashboard for ecommerce website
Powerful Admin

A world-class admin dashboard for your CartWIZ eCommerce solution will help you update the price, products, and see the order details

customizable ecommerce platform design
100% Customizable

Yes, CartWIZ eCommerce App is 100% customizable. With our several add-on features, you can customize the eCommerce mobile app as per your needs.

best ecommerce app to increase sales
Turn-Around Time

Unlike other eCommerce solutions where you have to wait for months just to see the login screen, with CartWIZ eCommerce app, you can get the demo on the entire eCommerce app on the very first call with our team.

customizable ecommerce platform design
Built With Flutter

Google's Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase and we built CartWIZ in Flutter to save you from all the hassle. Flutter makes it easy to build beautiful eCommerce apps, with its rich set of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS) widgets and components.


Yes, our development team will provide a one-time installation completely FREE on your choice of server. We prefer installation on VPS systems for a better performance and zero downtime.
To make your CartWIZ eCommerce app live on Google and Apple store, we will require your developer's account. You will have to pay the required fees.
Yes, you can check the CartWIZ eCommerce app demo available on the website.
Unlike other eCommerce solutions, you won't have to wait for several months to get your eCommerce mobile app live. If the server space is already purchased then web installation would be completed within 48 working hours. For Android and iOS app submissions, it takes up to 48 hours to upload the files and the mobile app stores have to review the app in submission from there on (The app goes live when the app stores complete the review).
Refund will not be provided once the product is handed over to you. We highly recommend that you check out the demo of the CartWIZ eCommerce app before you customize the mobile app as per your need.

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