Your own stickers app

Publish on the Google Play Store in less than 72 hours

Cloud Based

Provided in the form of Software as a service. No need to manage your own servers

Dynamic Stickers

Add stickers dynamically and notify your users. No need to re-publish the apps again and again

Attract More Users

Make your content go viral with the help of WhatsApp and attract more users

Presenting Stickey

Leverage WhatsApp to make your content go viral!

Content is the king. Whether you're an artist or an e-commerce vendor, your content is will bring more customers than you can imaging. Combining the power of content with the most widely used instant messaging services of WhatsApp, we built Stickey. Marketers can utilize Stickey to create stickers and publish them on WhatsApp. By doing so, they can engage the audience in a new way and enable them to interact with the brand. We aim to improve WhatsApp marketing and enable entrepreneurs or established businesses to leverage this new feature.

Get Your Own WhatsApp Stickers App

Reach to new audience with your existing content

Step 1: Create

Using your existing content like images, quotes and other merchandising content, you can create stickers for WhatsApp. Need help with graphics? Reach to us. We've dedicated team for your graphics need.

Step 2: Publish

Once you've created the stickers and put them into separate sticker packs, upload them to Stickey. We'll help you in getting your own Stickers App to Google Play Store in less than 72 hours. You can then keep adding sticker packs to the app without updating the app!

Step 3: Acquire

Reach out to people with your stickers on WhatsApp. This will make them aware of your brand. Add more content dynamically from Stickey. Keep your audience hooked with push notifications.

Step 4: Grow

Once you've published your app on the app stores, you start growing as your content goes viral on WhatsApp. Your stickers will be shared by millions and millions of WhatsApp users and your brand will get unprecedented visibility.