10 Ways To Create Product Hype Before Launch

Product Hype

The launch of your product may seem like the end, but it’s just the beginning. You can make the launch of your product even more successful by building hype ahead of time so that you generate buzz and attention before you even have anything to sell. This will also help prevent any lousy buzz from emerging before you’re ready to address potential problems or questions during your product launch. 

Most of your competitors  have already built a competitive and exciting hype of their products to get as many pre-orders as possible before launch. But you aren’t doing the same thing. You want to win and come out ahead of the competition, so it’s time to step up your game and start hyping your product before launch.

Here are some tips on how to hype your product before launch!

Give a Sneak Peek

You’re launching a new project, book, or film. Maybe you’re in sales and are looking for a way to build demand for an upcoming presentation? Or perhaps you’re just trying to keep people interested in what you have. 

If so, one of the best ways is by giving them a sneak peek into something that not everyone gets to see just yet. For example, offering your email list first access or creating an exclusive newsletter (where no one else can see it) can be a great way to boost engagement and help build interest for when you actually do release it.

Start testing your product

Hype is a tricky thing. You can’t guarantee that people will be interested in what you’re selling, but you can make it easier to find out when they are. The key is getting real-world feedback and testing your product as early as possible (i.e., while it’s still being built). Start by testing features with friends and family; if they seem excited about what you have, ask them to share it with their friends. Suppose you plan on launching a Kick-starter campaign or another type of crowdfunding. In that case, things like Demo Days bring together potential customers and let them get hands-on experience with some very early versions of new products.

If you can get your product into the hands of beta testers and focus group participants, it can help it gain more publicity.

By conducting a usability test, you’re doing two things at once. First, you’re making sure your product will have good quality, and second, you’re gaining feedback. Second, you’re spreading the word about the new item.

Engage Influencers

Influencers are an excellent way to draw attention to your product. They’ve established credibility, which means their audience is more likely to trust them. And, since they have a large following, they can provide exposure for your brand that you could never afford on an individual basis. 

Another great thing about influencers is that most of them operate online, which means you won’t need to worry about logistics or deal with shipping issues—or any other hassles of working with traditional advertising partners. 

To optimize things, it’s essential to reach out at least a few months in advance and develop mutually beneficial relationships where you work together instead of just giving money to a popular personality in exchange for a mention on social media.

Blog about it

Are you building buzz for a brand new project? Do you have something unique, innovative or cool that no one else has heard of? That’s all good, but there’s an even better way to build interest and anticipation for your products and services—and it doesn’t even require creating a new thing. 

Blog posts about the product can help build anticipation and encourage customers to buy it as soon as they are available.

Taking a fresh approach can be incredibly valuable when you want to grab people’s attention. Write articles describing what you do and why they should care about it. You might find your big idea while writing these articles!

Building excitement about your upcoming product releases with regular readers and customers can help a lot. They already know what you’re like, so they may be more likely to buy your product when it comes out.

Take Unsolicited Testimonials

If you’re a big brand or just starting, make sure you take advantage of unsolicited testimonials. If someone tells you they like something you make, ask them to leave an honest review. 

Additionally, reach out and give testimonials yourself; if a fan left a positive comment on your Facebook page, consider thanking them with a personal email. Many people know they want to buy from small businesses but are also concerned about the quality and customer service—give them what they want by showing off how great you really are!

Participate in Giveaways

Giveaways are a great way to spread awareness about your product or service. You simply enter a giveaway, and as long as you’re following all of its rules, you have a chance of winning whatever prize is on offer. 

You can increase your brand awareness and exposure by promoting one promotion. This will result in more email subscribers, new customers and increased sales. These promotional strategies have real and measurable results and are easy to replicate for other giveaways or contests.

Of course, participating in giveaways requires you to promote them via social media and other channels – that’s where using email marketing comes in. You can use it to build an audience for your online profiles and then promote these contests directly to those subscribers, increasing their odds of winning prizes. This not only builds your business presence, but your target audience will choose to use your business for their ease. It will ultimately create some loyal customers. 

They’ll also learn more about what you do, increasing their chances of purchasing later down the line.

Reward Loyal Customers

People already fans of your brand or business are a great way to get people interested in what you’re creating next. If they trust you, they’ll be more likely to hear what you have to say and become early adopters who can spread positive word-of-mouth. 

Loyal customers can help make potential buyers aware of what you’re doing and that your new product is worth paying attention to—or they might even buy it ahead of time. This way, by launching earlier and with a lower risk that there will be no demand for your product later, it can help stave off some of those jitters and boost sales.

Use all your marketing channels

While it’s tempting to focus on social media, don’t forget about email. Asking friends and family for emails is a great way to build your list. You can also join groups or forums that cater to people interested in what you’re selling, then send out an email inviting them to follow you on social media. Also, you can offer something in return for signing up, like a PDF checklist or cheat sheet if they provide their email address. 

You can also join social media groups that cater to customers interested in what you’re selling and send them a private message with a link to follow you on social media.

To do all of these things, you will need an audience first, but then once they follow or subscribe, all these things are done.

Encourage Feedback

The hardest part of getting people excited about a new product is that most people are still in wait and see mode. People don’t buy what they can’t see, but if you can show them a sneak peek, you instantly remove any reservations they might have about buying from you. 

If possible, ask a few of your friends and family members for feedback on early versions of whatever you’re working on. And when it comes time to debut something publicly, keep in mind that honesty goes a long way: It sounds obvious, but people are more willing to hand over their money when they trust that what they’re buying will be worth their hard-earned cash.

Promote with Exclusive Offers

A significant way that successful companies get customers in the door is through limited-time offers. Use them! Whether you’re offering a discount, free shipping, or first dibs on a new design, exclusive promotions help entice customers to become paying fans of your business. 

Plus, exclusive offers can be used long after your launch as seasonal and holiday special sales. You could even announce that if specific metrics are hit by a certain date (such as getting enough likes on Facebook), then you’ll release another exclusive offer for everyone who took advantage of it previously! These types of deals keep shoppers interested and coming back for more.


It is essential to keep getting feedback from early adopters to stay ahead of the competition. If a customer loves a feature, don’t be afraid to ask them if they would pay for it. Building MVPs will help you determine what features are worth paying for in full versions of your product. CitrusLeaf Software is the right choice for your QA and MVP testing.

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