5 Software that Every Small Business Needs

5 Software that Every Small Business Needs

Starting off a business is all about exploring the opportunity and learning to make the most of it. With much efficiency making use of optimal resources and software tools to attain the best possible outcome requires the understanding of essential resources.

It is not as easy as it sounds for new businesses to streamline their work operations in efficient and cost-effective ways. One of the most important challenges small business owners face is the way to do all that must be done when there are never enough hours within the day.

But, there are hundreds of thousands of apps and software available in the market to simplify and speed up the business tasks.

Although, finding the right tool for your business needs can be overwhelming sometimes. Yet, there are a few software that every small business must own in order to achieve better work efficiency.

It is not important that your business needs feature-rich or expensive tools, many low-priced alternatives are there to get the job done.

This list contains the best and affordable software that every small business must own:

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an essential software program that is required in almost every business operation. Its administrative features or elements including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. helps simplify file and document sharing.

Microsoft Office suite assists in many administrative operations like allowing customers to open basic attachments sent over the email.

Outlook helps with better email organization, MS Word is great for creating files and contracts, Excel works perfectly for the operational team, and PowerPoint eases the workload of salespeople.

The complete MS Office suite is a business-oriented software that stands head and shoulders above in document sharing.

Although, it needs a paid subscription from the owner, with subscription services users can store the documents in the cloud storage and allow others to access them.

The free alternatives of Microsoft Office are LibreOffice and WPS Office. Though, they do not include all the tools Microsoft Office offers.

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Accounting Software

Finance and account management is the key requirement of any business be it a small organization or a fortune company. We are aware of the fact that “ to err is human” but accounting is a place that could not handle even the smallest of human errors.

Nothing can organize, calculate or track all those financial figures better than computer software. Although, accounting software does not only help with quick and accurate calculation of large numbers that save upfront costs and prevent revenue loss.

But, deals with detailed analytics and reporting of accounts to track the company’s finances. Also, helps with tax calculation and you would be grateful to the accounting software when it comes to clear your business taxes because of exactitude record management.

There are many accounting software available, some are free and some demand paid subscriptions such as QuickBooks, Gusto, and more.

Communication Software

Business operations suffer due to a lack of proper communication channels between the workforce. When businesses outsource projects to remote contractors, they face many issues with timezone-straddling.

Outsourcing is not the hallmark of multinational corporations, even small businesses are adopting this concept for cost-saving work from home staff and freelancers.

Communication software is needed for virtual meetups, online meetings between the employees sitting at different locations. Many organizations including mobile app development companies use communication software to interact with teams

Communication software allows for a chat or video chat between people sharing the office space or remote workforces. It offers an avenue for flexible, secure, and cloud-based communication.

Some free communication software packages are Skype, Microsoft Teams, etc.

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CRM Software

Every company or business operates by employees and the customers, so it is important to keep track of all the customer-related records and employee records.

Although CRM software stands for customer relationship software still you can manage salesforce leads and employees’ details with it. CRM helps with tracking and recording customers’ interaction with the company.

CRM software has some paid premium features and a free basic version that allows companies to access generated sales leads, client contacts, accounts, ongoing & upcoming tasks and more.

It also includes team collaboration features that comprise features like project status update, direct communication with the client, follow up reminders and more.

CRM software encompasses all of the company strategies, programs, client interactions to maintain a healthy and productive client relationship. Precisely, CRM software is all about people and maintaining good professional relationships with people.

From appointment scheduling to document signing to contracting, every task can be streamlined through a well-organized, well-tracked CRM software. Software programs like ERPNext, SugarCRM are free CRM software whereas SAP is a paid one.

Project Management Software

Managing and handling projects with fewer resources is really a tough job. Project management software assists project managers to simplify all the project operations and stay updated about the project status.

It increases the efficiency of everything from communication, collaboration to scheduling, planning, and tracking of project operations. Also, includes crucial functionalities like data analytics, reporting, resource management, and budget management.

For instance, a tennis club can be effectively managed with tennis management software like TennisNXT.

We know that customers play a vital role in any company but so do employees. For performing in the best way possible, they need tools that will help them with their performance improvement.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner will tell you, all the excitement and challenges that come with starting a new business are enough to make it a life-changing experience. With the right tools, of course, the hope is that it’s a change for the better!