Best 10 Music Streaming Apps in India

Best Music Apps in India

As they say, music is the medicine of a broken heart and a friend to flourish soul. The taste in music changes with time and obviously, no one wants to get stuck with the same playlist for longer. The continuous changes in music genres, lead the world to the concept of free online music applications. 

If you talk about the techies today, studies say that after social media, music streaming apps are the most popular and frequently used ones. Almost every person connects with music, be it some retro genre of hip-hop culture music.

The COVID-19 lockdown has brought a monotonus feel for everyone. As sitting at home for days can be a task for outgoing people. But, music can boost up the boring days and refresh the mind. The music applications proved to be saviour during the lockdown days.

The app store is flooded with so many music streaming apps that include features like free music streaming, live radio stations, live videos, songs with lyrics, DJ events, and exclusive app songs, etc. These applications let you find almost all the music tracks of your choice in one place. Finding your favorite music that too free is no less than a blessing. Let’s know which are the best 10 music streaming apps in India.

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Here, we are listing the best music streaming Android apps in India:

  • Google Play Music 

Google app lets you add your music tracks to the playlist so that you can enjoy the offline music as well. It’s paid subscription allows you to access unlimited music tracks without any futile ads in between. The app has its custom radio station plus YouTube red feature which enables YouTube to play in the background.

Key Features of Google Play Music

  • Offline Playback
  • Upload, Stream Or Purchase model
  • YouTube Red
  • High-Quality Audio

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  • Spotify 

It is the most familiar music streaming app which allows you to access more than 30 million soundtracks. Its mobile version enables the collaboration of so many single tracks to assemble a custom playlist. It’s paid subscription comes along with $10 per month and offer ad-free unlimited music tracks.

Key Features of Spotify

  • Recovery of deleted playlists
  • SoundHound integration for song lyrics
  • Voice control over
  • Sound scrubbing for iOS only

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  • SoundCloud 

In this app, musicians & singers upload their music creations that create a wide variety of undiscovered music tracks for the user. Over 150 million tracks are available for the paid users which is the second-best music collection. It costs $9.99 per month to listen to unlimited tracks.

Key Features of SoundCloud

  • Customized playlist
  • Free music streaming
  • Free audio uploading
  • An application for both native platforms iOS & Android

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  • Tidal 

Tidal is mainly supported and invested by musicians all around the world. The 48.5 million tracks and 16-bit, CD-quality audio, android TV support, organized playlist, music blog features, and variety of music videos made this app one of a kind of music application. This the most suited app for sophisticated listeners.

Key Features of Tidal

  • Backed by the musicians
  • High-quality music streaming
  • Include all types of music genres

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  • TuneIn 

Despite missing the popular features like on-demand music content, this app has made up for it by having more than 120,000 live radio stations available globally. Apart from music, it provides local content and on-demand streaming of news, sports, the latest events, and talk shows. The app is only recommended for people who are into live sports, podcasts, and talk radio.

Key Features of TuneIn

  • Free music streaming
  • Local radio services
  • User-friendly interface

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  • Deezer 

Deezer has come out from the phase of ups and downs and then stood up in the market. It is mainly followed by the true pop bigots who covet the customized music. It has over 40 million music tracks and has a feature called ‘Flow’ which maintains your playlist according to your choice of musicians.

Key Features of Deezer

  • Huge collection of pop music
  • No audio scrubbing
  • Artist radio

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  • IHeartRadio 

 It is a free music Radio app where you can listen to all the radio channels pertinent to your music choice. Seasonal radio stations, podcast services, online radio shows, and talk shows are the head features of this app. Its organized playlist, AM & FM radio stations, news & sports broadcasting, and mainly Chromecast support, android auto support makes it stand out from its competitors.

Key Features of IHeartRadio

  • Unlimited song skips
  • Offline streaming
  • Unlimited playlist creation

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  • Pandora 

Pandora comprises two great experiences. The first one is the online radio music platform where you can skip tracks and give them a thumbs up or down. The second one is an on-demand music streaming radio service where you can listen to a particular music genre of your choice.

Key Features of Pandora

  • Create a customized radio station
  • Discover new artists & tracks
  • Supports adobe flash

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  • Shazam 

The main feature of this app is that it recognizes and detects the music and TV shows in a hasty manner, making it convenient for the listeners. This app runs along with other music applications like Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and other music streaming apps as well.

Key Features of Shazam

  • View lyrics & video of the songs
  • Follow artists you love
  • Also, offer ticket booking for music concerts

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  • Amazon Music 

Who is not familiar with the great services of Amazon and now it also offers great music streaming services. Its features include Cloud player, online free music, uploading of songs and on the top, it’s paid subscription comes in $10 and give access to the full Amazon Music library.

Key Features of Amazon Music

  • Alexa Skill support
  • Offline streaming for iOS & Android
  • Unlimited music streaming

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You can keep adding your fav songs to the playlist but till when? As the phone storage capacity cannot exceed a certain limit. Here come these online music apps to serve your soul with heavenly music tracks. Clearing the memory and getting the new music hit list is not a tough job yet not a smart choice as well. Music is a soothing experience and it gets even better when you can get access to unlimited tracks. So, if you are thinking to get a music app on your phone this piece of knowledge will help you.

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