Best Digital Marketing Strategies 2020 for Your Business

With the new challenges and new opportunities in the market:

Will that old marketing techniques work effectively?

Somehow, they will work but not in an effective manner. With the start of a new decade, it’s time to approach new strategies and see what marketing trends will acquire the 2020 market.

We know that technology is on a continuous progression and evolving at a rapid pace. So, obviously, these technological advancements will reflect in the marketing strategies 2020. Although, the increased digitization and automated interactions between customers and brands are not that effective and it is desired to make marketing strategies more human-centric again.

While technological trends such as AI & chatbots will be acquiring the market, the marketing approach will be customer-focused and not technology-focused. Here, we have compiled a list of top digital marketing strategies for 2020.

  • AI-Driven Marketing Techniques

We have witnessed many advancements in AI-powered technology sectors over the last few years. Several businesses have adopted AI and automation to execute their true potential. One of the important technology for enabling smart marketing efforts, voice search assistants is AI.

Chatbots, a messaging window pops up on the website when visited by someone is an effective AI-powered tool. The automation techniques remove major unnecessary grunt work out of your marketing efforts so that you can concentrate more on strategies to build better customer experience.

However, human marketing is also important as customers enjoy one-to-one interaction. So, you should use this technology to improve your marketing efforts and do not replace the marketing workforce with technology.

In 2020, AI will intensify digital marketing strategies as it helps in predicting customer behavior, analyzing customer data, and creating personalized content. Using AI-enabled strategies, brands can learn more and better about their clients or customers to attain better brand quality, better user engagement and better conversion rates.

  • Personalized Marketing

With time the expectations of consumers are increasing. When there are many brands trying to connect with consumers, consumers become pickier than ever before. The marketing messages from multiple brands have flooded the inboxes of consumers, and they started to mute them. So this traditional messaging approach has started to lose its effectiveness.

Personalized marketing messages are winning the market by forging a real connection between the brand and consumers. With technological advancements, data collection has been a lot easier to design a personalized marketing strategy. Personalized marketing messages have a strong impact on the consumer, as a survey done by Ellison shows that 80% of the consumers like to connect with a brand that delivers a personalized experience.

Marketing personalization is not any longer limited to changing the name of the person you’re addressing in your email. Improvements in technology such as AI combined with increased data collection and insights from social media and other sources have made it possible and easy to hyper-personalized everything from content to design to product recommendations and everything in-between.

  • AR & VR Enabled Marketing

Ar and VR technologies have created several innovations for digital marketing. Interactive and advanced technologies are helping businesses achieve more customer conversions. AR and VR technology allow consumers to access the content that catches their attention and gives a virtual product experience.

Brands that have already started using AR and VR into their strategies and allowing customers to try on their products such as clothes or furniture are a step ahead from the brands that ain’t using AR and VR.

AR/VR enabled content is interactive, personalized, and shareable that allows brands to make use of imaginations, storytelling, etc.

  • Shoppable Content

The year 2020 is all about direct conversions through ads and posts. With shoppable ads and content, brands don’t need to worry about their social media followers or customers visiting their online store. Shoppable content enables the direct purchasing of the product or services through ads or social media posts. Since Instagram launched its business platform Instagram Checkout, shoppable social media posts are getting more and more attention.

A survey report says that nearly 54% of people use social media platforms to research product purchases. Shoppable content allows fewer shopping steps for your customers and decreases the chances of sales abandonment.

Without an eCommerce app, you can sell your products online by allowing transactions through social media. Although, if you have an eCommerce store, it can be linked with your shoppable ad or post.

Shoppable content could be an Instagram story with a swipe up option or a Snapchat story with a direct purchase link or a product article that allows customers to buy directly from the post.

Shoppable content is a perfect blend of content and eCommerce techniques to gain more conversions.

  • Optimize for Google Featured Snippets

Marketing platforms go through a continuous change and it is the reason behind the continuous change in the marketing trends or strategies. Google keeps on updating its search algorithm many times in a year that reflects a great impact on digital marketing strategies.

As the search engine evolves, companies need to improve their digital marketing strategy via updating or rehashing their content with the required keywords. Featured snippets get a lot of space on the first page and have more chances of getting clicks. Hence, it is important to create featured snippets oriented digital marketing content to get better traffic.

Digital Marketers must optimize their content for featured snippets and create interactive, meaningful and well-structured content. As Google is focused on delivering relevant and meaningful content to the people, marketers must encounter these changes and improve their SEO techniques accordingly.

In 2020, to execute effective digital marketing strategies, it is important to create extremely high-quality and easy-to-understand content that delivers value to the reader.

Digital marketing strategies are consistently changing with the change in marketing platforms, SEO techniques, and search algorithms. It is important to stay up-to-date with new marketing trends and strategies.

If you have any questions about branding your products or services, digital marketing strategy, or upcoming marketing trends, connect with a leading digital marketing agency.