Finding Strength Together: A Letter to an Amazing Team

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down including our personal life and work life. The world is going through a grave situation that we have never witnessed before. In this tough time, when all the team members are working from home, I hope that they are safe and healthy with their families.

This crisis will affect almost every aspect of human life, and reflect adverse effects on social and economic conditions. Recovering from the effects of this crisis will take a long time.

As the Founder of an organization, I have spent some amazing times with my team, and I am sure all of you have also spent good times of your life working with me and I am grateful for that.

We all together have been through many ups and downs and faced financial crises strongly. It is not in our hands to control external circumstances, all we have to do is to take containment steps. We can only control our way of working during challenging times.

Stay Safe at Home

We all are part of a work family, and I am concerned about the health & safety of you and your family during the crisis. This is the reason why I asked our HR team to take appropriate measures and to allow you all to work remotely.

I am proud that we were amongst the first companies to do that to ensure the safety of our team and their families.

Global Impact of Coronavirus

Coronavirus spread will have severe impacts globally, which will take a long time to retrieve. Although, the ripple effects and economic impacts of the crisis are hard to predict at this stage. The situations right now compelled me to think that it can be worse than anything we have ever witnessed in modern times.

This pandemic will have its impacts on every niche unlike other crises in the last few decades. Overcoming such grievous situations demands fortitude on both levels, personal and organizational. Every single one of you should be prepared to respond to the changes as the situation unfolds.

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Guidance on Personal Level

Here I am sharing some tips for you to manage your personal life during this crisis and come out of the situation stronger.

  • Please ensure the safety of your family. Take all the required measures to make sure all of your family members stay safe.
  • During the complete lockdown in the country, there are many people struggling for daily essentials, I request you to help them in this tough time.
  • In case of any emergency or anything, do not hesitate to ask for any kind of help from us.
  • The market situation is uncertain at this point of time, so do not get tempted by investment schemes. As the experts cannot even predict the recovery timelines and long term impacts of the finance market.
  • Share your resources with needy people and time with your family and friends.
  • We all are together in this, and we shall overcome this together. Be empathetic to everyone.

Business Advice

I understand that this crisis has somewhere played with your mental strategies. So with my experience in business, here I am sharing a few business guidelines for you all:

  • Do not hoard or store. Invest in better ways, as smart cash flow results in healthier business opportunities.
  • Make smart decisions considering the financial situation of the business, try to accomplish the things cost-effectively
  • We work for our company as a team in whole, so share your ideas about the things we can implement during this time
  • Maintain your efficiency and productivity during work hours. Although I understand this might be challenging for you, I believe you can still work on it.
  • Uncertainties are not in our control, so hope for the best and prepare for the worst so that all of us can handle it effectively
  • Being steward, stay in sync with your team, take care of them, understand their difficulties and do not impose an unnecessary burden

We are Here for You

Along with the management team of the company, I commit to the following:

  • Safety of all our employees and their families is our priority, we will always consider it in all our decisions
  • With your support, we will try our best to maintain the cash flow to avoid any potential implications for our people. For now, we do not anticipate any direct impact on people due to the crisis.
  • We will not compromise with the long term vision of the company, and we all will get through this together

Know that if good times do not last long then this too shall pass. Stay thrilled to work every day. I am overwhelmed with your support and conviction towards the company.