How to Develop a Video Streaming App like Netflix: Cost and Features


Binge-watching is the new hobby of the young generation. Television is no longer on the same rage as it was a few years ago. In recent times, people are more into online streaming services than TV. Video streaming trends have sleekly become part of our day-to-day life. The generation seeks for uninterrupted entertainment which they can enjoy whenever they want. Although, prior to video streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime, YouTube was playing its role. But, the unwanted ads stitched to the video content popping up in the middle of the video are the reason that people lost their interest in it.

Then the neoteric concept of on-demand video streaming platform struck in the market that allows users to enjoy uninterrupted video content without any additional charges. Now, most of our weekends are spent binge-watching and relaxing all day. Video streaming apps like Netflix have gained meteoric success by adopting the Subscription On-Demand Video Streaming model.

Are Video Streaming Services Profitable?

With technology, entertainment mediums are transformed to deliver more user-engaging content. Video streaming apps are said to be the future of the media & entertainment industry. Many key market players are profoundly investing in the video streaming app development with an eventual motive to cover the digital entertainment market. Video streaming apps like Netflix allow users to browse through unlimited content without being interrupted by ads or commercials. This is the reason it has covered over 190 countries and provides an ad-free viewing experience to its paid subscribers.

According to a report generated by Statista, a renowned video streaming platform has reached 164 million subscribers worldwide and 61 million subscribers only in the USA. Nearly 60% of adults have paid Netflix subscription and 23% of subscribers watch streaming programs every day. Video streaming services have changed the way people watch television. With a rich library of TV shows, movies, original shows, and documentaries, video streaming platforms have achieved a milestone in the entertainment field.

How to Develop a Video Streaming App like Netflix?

A video streaming platform can be built either from scratch or a clone of a video streaming app can be modified as per your requirements. Considering the requirements, development budget, and time frame, one needs to choose the suitable development process.

Video streaming apps can be developed according to your personalized ideas and strategies but for the same, it is important to hire a skilled mobile app development company.

First, it is important to know the features required to develop a video streaming app.

Features of Video Streaming App

To avoid unnecessary business risk, it is important to first invest in MVP development rather than investing in the development of a complete solution. An abstract view of application development will help in understanding and prioritizing the required app development features. MVP is developed with the most crucial feature to check whether the product can sustain the market or not.

Before opting for live video streaming app development with the abundant feature requirements, go for video streaming MVP development. The following are the main features of an on-demand video streaming platform. 

  • User Registration Module and Login

Easy user registration and login procedure is the most important feature for any video streaming app. Users can register on the application with their email ID or contact number and generate their login credentials. Later, users can log in to their accounts for quick access to the app content.

  • User Profile

Users can manage their profile and edit the details like their preferred genres, directors, favorite movies, actors, shows, etc.

  • Live Video Streaming

An online video streaming platform must offer live streaming of content like TV shows, sports shows, movies, news, etc.

  • Secure Transactions & Payment Gateway

For complete data security and privacy of the users, a video streaming app must offer secure and reliable payment options. So that users can securely pay their subscription amount without any security concern. Try to provide as many payment options as possible.

  • Multi-language Support

Multiple language support is an added advantage for a video streaming platform. With this feature, users are able to watch the content in their preferred language.

  • Multi-device Support

A responsive app must include multi-device support. It is an essential feature of a video streaming app and it must support devices like Smart TV, Windows, iOS, Android phones, PC, Mac OS, etc.

  • Content Search

Users can browse through the content of the application to search for their favorite shows and movies. Users can filter the content on the basis of language, country, genre, type, etc. 

  • Create a Video Playlist

This feature allows users to select their preferred shows and movies to create a playlist. 

  • Settings/Control

Users can change their app settings and video streaming with controls like volume, subtitle on/off, play/pause, rewind, audio tracks, skip, etc.

  • Advanced Features of Video Streaming App Development

For better user experience and user-engagement, the following additional features can be implemented in a video streaming app.

  • Download/Watch Offline

Users can download the content to be able to watch it anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. This feature allows users to watch their favorite shows offline.

  • Share Playlist

Users will enjoy your video streaming services more if they can share their favorite shows and movies with their friends. This feature allows users to share their playlist among their contacts or friends either within the app or by using various external social platforms.

  • Social Login/Signup

Social media login is a user-friendly feature that allows users to sign in to the application with their social media accounts. Social media login is an easy and quick process as all the user information is sync directly from their social media accounts.

  • Geo-Blocking

Some of the sensitive content or shows can not be exposed in all the regions or locations or countries. Using the geo-blocking feature, the content can be restricted in specific areas. 

  • Video Resolution

The video resolution can be adjusted by the user according to the internet speed. Users can watch the videos in low resolution when they are having an unstable internet connection. 

  • Push Notifications

Push notification feature reminds users about their subscription period, discount offers, new shows, and movies.

  • Review & Rating

For a reliable video streaming platform, rating & review feature is a must. Users find it more convenient to select the TV shows and movies according to other user’s reviews and ratings.

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Cost to Develop a Video Streaming App

The cost of a video streaming app depends on the essential features and advanced features of the application. Developing a highly responsive video streaming app takes a lot of time, investment and resources. A video streaming platform requires functionalities such as subscription method, development architecture, secure backend, and more, all of these implementations affect app development cost.

For an estimation of live video streaming app development cost, you can contact an expert mobile app development company in India.