On-Demand Car Wash App: Important Features to Include

carwash mobile application

Smartphones have made everything convenient for humankind. With a smartphone in hand, people can book any service from anywhere in the world. Be it ticket booking, hotel booking or calling for taxi service, technology has made everything simple. Even an on-demand car-washing mobile app is on the list. 

The majority of individuals find it tough to go for a car wash because it is a time-consuming process to stand in a queue. Having somebody that involves you and offers such services isn’t only favorable for you. Still, it also causes you to understand better what amount you’re paying for such a few facilities at the doorstep.

The On-Demand Economy has given opportunities to several startups enthusiasts and individuals to leverage mobile applications. These on-demand apps may be a combination of ease and amenity that saves time for individuals and gives employment opportunities to skilled professionals.

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Planning the app solution is essential if you like to maximize an honest reach.

Essential Features for Car-Wash Mobile App

Customer Panel Features

  • Login/sign up: Users first need to register on the app and log in to book any car-washing service.
  • Location Selection: If your car wash business is out there at different locations, then you need to offer location selection features within the app necessarily. It allows the user to pick a place in their vicinity that’s accessible, and easier to reach.
  • Select Service Type: Users should be able to select the service type and the number of services they need from the professionals.
  • Request for service: This feature allows users to select the car-washer company and demand for the service.
  • Easy Scheduling: For an on-demand car wash app, scheduling is the key feature. The user should be ready to schedule the car wash time and date without much intervention.
  • Offers and Packages: If the app business offers various sorts of car wash packages, the user should be ready to make the proper choice. Include car wash package choices, and make the choosing part easy and hassle-free.
  • Cost Estimator: After choosing the car wash service, alongside the type of car and the car wash package, the cost estimator will display the estimated cost for the car wash.
  • Payment Integration: User buys car wash using the payment mode. The app should include all the payment modes, including net-banking, cards, and wallets so that the user can select a convenient payment option.
  • Reviews and Ratings: The user should be ready to review/rate the technician who has attended the car wash, just in case they’re listed within the app. 
  • In-app Support: If a user faces any issue or wants to share their feedback, the app should offer immediate support. It may assist you in improving your business’ customer support and increase customer satisfaction.

Car-washer panel feature

  • Service Location: The service provider can define the targeted area so that they can accept requests from the serviceable areas only.
  • Service Acceptance: The service provider should be able to accept or reject the service request. The app should make it easy for the service provider to let the user know if the required date and time is available or not.
  • Real-Time Tracking: If the user wants car pick-up and drop service alongside car-wash, then real-time tracking will help the service provider to track the person.
  • Service Packages: This needn’t be a part of the essential app features. Just in case your business offers bundled packages, you’ll list them within the app and improve the conversion rate.
  • Share the service status: with this feature; the service provider can inform the user about the status of the service.
  • Push Notification: Push notifications will notify the service provider about all the user requests, transaction details, and other support messages from the users.

Admin Panel Features

  • Manage User Registration: Admin can manage all the user accounts and the number of car-washers profile on the platform. Details of both the panels and communication between will be handled through this feature.
  • Manage Services: Under this section of the app, the admin would ensure that users connect to the car washing service providers who are currently operating in their locations.
  • Manage Payments: The admin manages all the transactions under this section.
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Car-washing services are often made more experiential for the purchasers if you offer on-demand and convenient services. You must add relevant features that you believe will pique the customer’s interest in your services.

There are many car-washing companies that are already using technology for best and have their own mobile app for letting customers book car-washing services online. Such as GoMechanic, Wype, Spiffy, and more.

If you are also willing to develop a car-wash mobile app and looking for a mobile app development company, contact us at sales@citrusleaf.in.