How to Choose the Right Tech-stack for your Project?

Recently, one client (an early age startup) asked me whether we work on MEAN stack or not? Here’s how the conversation happened:

Me: We do work on MEAN stack. However, do you have any specific requirements of it?

Client: No. But a seasoned developer explained me how NodeJS and MongoDB are web-scale, secure and in-trend.

Me: How much traffic are you expecting in first 6 months on your app/website?

Client: Not much, around 5000 users.

Me: Then you don’t need MEAN stack. We can build it with PHP, PostgreSQL, Apache and Redis. NodeJS is not what it looks like. And people are moving away from MongoDB to PostgreSQL.

Client: But I’ve read about NodeJS and MongoDB and they’re very scalable. PHP is very old and insecure.

Me: NodeJS is equally insecure. In fact, for any website/app, the security depends solely on the developer and not on the framework/language. As for PHP, with v7, the performance has improved by over 100%, it has deprecated many insecure and obsolete functions while PostgreSQL has even better support for JSON than MongoDB.

I then proceeded him to explain how we built our own construction management software iCore on PHP and PostgreSQL and how lots companies are using it without any performance/security issues. I also explained how Facebook, Slack, Yahoo and other billion-dollar companies use PHP at their core.

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Listening to our own product story and about other companies, the client was convinced. We’re currently building their app on PHP/Laravel and the client is already impressed with the performance of the beta version of their website.

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In short: you don’t need “web-scale” technologies to build your idea. You need a battle tested set of technologies which are affordable to build and maintain.

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