Top 5 Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software

Owning a construction business is not an easy deal. Because it involves high risks, and good management skills to ensure the project is completed according to the draft plan. A skillful mindset, proper tools, and some experience are required to tackle the business tasks. A construction manager deals with an overabundance of engaging duties. Hence, it becomes tiring to deal with a giant heap of responsibilities. Although, the right technological tool can make it all simple for you.

Construction management software is designed to streamline the operations of construction projects. This business tool helps construction managers to define the objectives of the system, increase resource utilization, execute various project operations, and engage with other functional departments. The software will enhance the construction operation in the following ways:

  • Automates administration tasks
  • Assists with billing and cost-estimation
  • Makes it easy to schedule tasks
  • Handles on-going work projects
  • Has centralized document storage
  • Establishes real-time communication and support

Construction management software makes it easier to connect with all the departments at the same time using a single platform. Although, deciding to get construction software is not a big deal. But, deciding the software provider is a challenging job.

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There are multiple solutions available in the market to help you tackle your management woes. We have got you covered with this challenge as well with the urge to help you select the right tool for your business. Before going to any conclusive decision regarding the right construction site management software, you need to take into account a few important facts.

Important Considerations

Walking to a grocery store and picking up the required product is easy but this does not go with the construction site management tool. Amidst several available software, picking up the one which fits well with your business requirements is a challenging job. To make sure that you opt for the best-suited tool according to your requirements, prepare a checklist including the points like:

  • Specifically built for construction management
  • Extensibility via integrations
  • Data security measures
  • On-premise or Cloud solution
  • Access control features
  • Ease-of-use for non-technical users
  • Easy to migrate
  • Scalable architecture
  • Support & maintenance by the provider
  • Mobile device accessibility

List of Top 5 Construction Management Software

Selecting the right software tool based on your business demands is an essential factor. There are several available options in the market to leave you in an ambiguous situation. So, How do you get through this? How will you choose the right software for your business?

We know that while carrying the business risks and responsibilities you don’t get enough time for the product research & analysis. Don’t worry we have done this job for you and have shortlisted the Top 5 ones among all construction management software.

The ranking is based on features, user-friendliness, integrations and more.

1. Corecon

Corecon construction software is a dome of construction management tools. It is designed with the overall management functionalities including contract records, purchase reports, task scheduling, quality assurance. It has a feature named documentation which lets you keep track of the on-going projects, appointments, and work orders.

Corecon has an in-built advanced analytics tool that can automatically generate reports based on cash-flow, accounting, billing and project costs. You can easily access the insights into your work performance to make more calculative business decisions. The USP of the Corecon is that it supports real-time information access on both the Android and iOS platforms, making it easy to connect with the project workforce and clients an easy job.

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2. iCore

iCore is a construction management software, that is a flagship product of CitrusLeaf Software, a leading software development firm in India. The solution is developed to assist construction companies and professionals with their high-risk projects. It helps in accomplishing the projects safely, on time and within budget. From real-time project updates to payouts, instinctive iCore platform connects the project team on a real-time centralized hub, on any device.

To solve all of these issues CitrusLeaf came up with this iCore software as the solution. iCore aids construction companies with tools like:

  • Data Management
  • RFIs (Requests for Information)
  • Daily Log
  • Dashboard
  • Contact Directory
  • Punch List

Developed to assist SMEs, this software has a user-friendly interface that offers amazing usability to non-tech users too.

iCore has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Construction Management Software by CIOReview in India.

Numerous features are implemented in the iCore software like:

  • The data management feature allows you to store numerous data at a single platform. You can access the stored data from any computer even with slower internet connections
  • The spreadsheet-like UI enables you to enter the data easily so you don’t need to struggle with the software. No need to relearn your existing workflow.
  • iCore is embedded with stiff authorization and authentication permissions which restrict the unwanted access of the data. Admin can control the data accessibility depending on the staff designation.
  • Any new entity can be easily added in the UI like a subcontractor, material exporter, etc. It is effortless to customize spreadsheets like UI.
  • You can easily access previously stored data from the iCore Dashboard for analytical use and make the calculative decisions based on it.
  • The breakouts in the construction cycle can be easily identified and solved using iCore. Keep a record of staff attendance in an easy manner.
  • No need to send an email regarding the daily reports, only enter the data in iCore and other team members can view the report just by clicking on a link

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3. e-Builder

e-builder software is a web-based construction management software. It was developed to assist the construction companies in managing their project cost, work schedule, and documentation. This software provides a whole solution from managing the project delivery to measuring the planning, construction operations, progress report, etc.

The e-builder software solution is capable of aiding the construction companies in many ways:

  • To reduce cost
  • Reduce risks
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Heighten performance, efficiency, and productivity

It helps the business to grow with pace by providing business intelligence reports of on-going project progress. The reports are based on complete data analysis. The e-builder’s dashboard offers in-depth clarity for easy access, extraction, analysis and filters the unnecessary project data.

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4. Procore

Procore was introduced in 2003 as a construction site management software. The basic ideas behind the development of Procore are:

  • Customer Issues
  • Easy-to-Use Software Development
  • Easy-to-Adapt Software Solution

The unique feature of this software solution is that it is user-centric. Because the developers first discuss the user requirements. After that, the team develops an instinctive software solution with the required features.
It is easy to use because the development is based on user requirements.

This software enables the number of connections at a time to access real-time information. Procore is also supported on mobile devices. Therefore, it simplifies the overall construction management process. This software assists in fast implementation, extensive usage, higher RoI.

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5. PlanGrid

PlanGrid is an advanced software solution. It is embedded with all the essential features to satisfy the needs of the construction business. PlanGrid is defined as the first RFI solution to wrap-in the complete RFI process. It delivers real-time services for project engagement, punch lists, RFIs, and specs through a desktop or mobile device. It has been designed as an instinctive and managed construction software. Hence, it helps the construction companies to encounter & resolve the problem of cost overrun and reduced performance.

PlanGrid has been implemented by more than 400,000 construction firms. It can easily load the 30+ million pages in the form of digital blueprints.

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