20 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App For FREE

Mobile application

After creating a mobile application the next step is to promote and market the mobile app. With the right marketing strategy, you’ll witness how an app grows day by day. The result depends on how effectively you employ time and energy to try to market your app.

Hence the question is how to promote a mobile app? or the way to advertise an app?

Spreading the word about your brand fresh app may be a tough slog. For people who don’t have enough finances to get their app featured on the known platforms, they need to lather up the proverbial effort and hustle to get the app name out there.

So to assist you all, here is the list of 20 quick ways to promote your app for free.

Optimize Your App 

The first way to market your app is to optimize your app. From app name to app pricing, it includes everything. With SEO, it analyzes keyword relevance, focuses on reviews and ratings. If you optimize your app, it has greater chances of downloads.

Great App Screenshot

Actually, it is counted among the app store optimization process. However, it’s one of the important mobile app promotion ideas. Effective and persuasive app screenshots draw user attention in a better way. The user looks over screenshots so as to ascertain the app-experience. It might be useful to feature captions and visual elements. By watching the screenshots, users can fully understand the features offered within that app so your preview as screenshots are too important for app promotion.

Offer a Promotional Price

Another mobile app marketing idea is to supply a promotional price. Don’t forget that users don’t have enough ideas about your app! So, you would like to supply a competitive advantage to form your app reasonably. You can add several coupon codes or promotions for in-app purchases or download also as you can add a free version of your app to draw in more downloads.

Give A Reply to All App Review & Questions

It is important to be there as soon as possible when users get to speak with you or ask something to you. Responding app reviews and questions may be a sign that you simply give value to every user. If users aren’t satisfied with you, they will pick one of many apps that give an equivalent service to you.

Create an App Demo Video

Create a demo video to introduce all aspects of your app. You should concentrate on the following points:

  1. Video length should not exceed 30 seconds
  2. Add points like Why, How, What, etc
  3. Share the demo video on various platforms

Build a Microsite

Another way to plug your app is to create a microsite. Along with a demo video, it’s important to leverage an internet site for your app or to feature an exclusive part for your app to your existing website. The important thing is the content explaining the features and benefits of your app and link redirecting to your app.

Build a Blog

You can indicate how expert you’re on a blog by sharing anything from articles to interviews, from research to news. Moreover, you share your app’s features, benefits, updates sometimes. Write your story to urge users to know your purpose behind the app and tell them how this app makes their lives easy.

Use Social Channels

Be active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn channels, but especially move to the channels where your potential customers. Share any action; demo video, updates, sectoral news, or trends. Also, find the trending topics and share something valuable about them.

Find Influencers

In today’s world, marketing is changing its shape consistent with trends. Along with social media, “phenomenons” are a part of marketing. Find any influencer being suitable to introduce your app and send them an email stating your intent obviously. Developing honest, authentic, and interdependent relationships with so-called social media phenomenons are going to be an extended-term investment to market your app.

Join Facebook/LinkedIn Groups

You can build great relationships by joining developers and entrepreneurs groups on Facebook and LinkedIn especially. It allows you to discuss any bug, feature, update, or value. Moreover, you can share your app with them and offer them a promo code to undertake your app.

Ask for their feedback on your mobile app. This not only increases your visibility but also helps you develop your app even better. Increase your visibility on social media groups & communities to extend your brand visibility and to market your mobile app.

Connect with Press

To reach more people, get your story published. Before reaching journalists, make certain that you simply have everything a journalist will need. Publish information like why you developed the app? What problems does your app solve? 

As your media kit will reach many journalists, it might be boring for people to ascertain the same images everywhere. Design portfolio which includes all logo sizes, icon sizes, and banners.

Connect with Famous Bloggers

This strategy is like influencers with an exception that you simply don’t get to find the blogs reaching the masses. Just find the blogs within your respected industry. Give them coupons or something else that permits them to use your app and share their own views. otherwise, you can even attempt to buy backlinks from bloggers that mention your product and link to your own website.

Discussion Blogs

Another useful method to market your app is leaving discussion blogs. Take care of the users’ profiles on the blog that matches up with your target customers. Add your app or website link to your profile to spread awareness. Organic growth using comments may be a good way to extend your native customers and increase brand visibility.

Get Featured On App Review Websites

You can reach out to app review websites to convince them to feature your app on their site. It’s important to possess beautiful graphic design, unique content, no crashes, or bugs to feature the app. Review your app then apply.

Create Email Signature

Consistent with a study by Exact Target, 91 percent of people check their email daily. So, make it a habit to feature your app name in your signature.

Attend Events

Attending events, conferences, or meetups is the best way to grow your network and tell people your app. Have an initial conversation with the people at the event, give them your card, invite checking your app, and getting touch with you for any feedback.

Apply For Awards

Attending app awards may be a good way to recruit new users. You can obtain many downloads, reviews, and links. Success depends on your app idea. There are many app awards sites:

Start a Contest

Another way to promote a mobile is to start a contest! Alongside attending contests, you can hold a contest. It allows you to light the rivalry spark. A contest incentivizes users to download your app. Getting points in various ways such as by sharing the app, having their friends check-in. Customers should also know once they should tune for updates.

Look for Alternative App Stores

We know that the App Store & Google Play are the top app sharing platforms. But they’re not the sole ones. There are many various app stores like GetJar, Amazon Appstore, and AppBrain. consistent with One Platform Foundation, adding your app to less popular app stores leads to 200% more downloads compared to Google Play.

Update Your App Regularly

Rolling out new updates means caring customers for them. If you don’t attempt to offer the simplest experience, your app would be thrown away. So, keep your app fresh and decide to offer more for patrons.

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