5 ways to be more productive during the COVID-19 lockdown

We all are listening to a ‘Stay Safe’ message repeatedly these weeks and the message is echoed across the countries and communities with the urge of urgency

As COVID-19 spreads to over 80 percent of nations around the globe, and therefore the price climbs to just about 10,000, it’s worth reminding each other to follow instructions from local healthcare workers and leading health officials just like the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 

Slowing the spread of the virus and saving lives is the foremost concern, and it’s recommended all entrepreneurs read these important guidelines for shielding employees and your community provided by the WHO and CDC. 

Startups also are worrying about the rising economic uncertainty that comes with an epidemic. The United Nations (UN) has warned that the outbreak could cost the worldwide economy $1 trillion this year alone, and tech leaders from top firms including Sequoia Capital and Founder Institute are providing advice to startup founders about bracing themselves for turbulence.

With the foodservice, events and hospitality industries hardest hit so far, tech workers also are beginning to show concern about the longer-term of their jobs, consistent with a recent industry survey.

Here are some resources for startup founders and little business owners from the general public, private and non-governmental sectors around the globe to think about during these tumultuous times.

  • Experiment with new ideas

Since everything is disturbed due to the crisis, and you have holes in your schedule, it’s a great time to experiment with new business ideas that you always wanted to try.

All your competitors are facing the same downfall, so find out the best ways to reignite. Possibly, you are having an idea at the back of your mind and never got enough time to execute it. Now, you have that opportunity to research the idea and plan for its execution.Also, it’s a great time to build MVP of your idea, so that you can build the product with more accuracy. Utilize this quarantine time for quick MVP development, and release it over the internet. You are more likely to get a large number of responses because people are surfing over the internet to kill their time and explore new things.

  • Know your team better

It is an obvious thing that a leader or owner must know its team well.  But, during office chaos, you might not get enough time to interact with every employee nicely. 

Being the owner of the organization, you should connect with your team and employees one on one to understand them better. Try to encourage them and be productive while working from home.

Make 1-on-1 interaction with your team members to build better relationships and ensure their stability in your organization. Ask them for their feedback on how you can provide more autonomy at work? Or how can you encourage the team for more creativity? Ask them about their growth scale in the organization and what are practical hurdles they are facing in their progress path.

This will flow a new charge in your team members and they would love to work for you as you listen to them.

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  • Learn New Things: 

When you are locked down, boredom will strike your back for sure, you can jerk it off by exploring new skills or learning something new.

For instance, if you are a tech-head, you can either learn a new programming language or read about some new technologies. Moreover, if you are into the development part, it’s the right time to try out learning UI/UX basics and dwell into the designing part.

Whereas if you are a designer, learn development methods, read about new development strategies and languages.

You might be interested in learning new dance steps but the busy office schedule never allowed you to do this. Open YouTube right away and do what you always wanted to do. Be it learning a new art design or flutter app development process or some management lessons, it’s time to buck up.

If you are looking for online courses you can follow this link: Udemy

  • Finish Up Your Pending Works

Clean up the parts of your business, you have been neglecting all these days. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects, focus on how to be productive at this time.

Connect with your clients, discuss future projects and other opportunities. Also, you can build new networks or customers. Re-do all the things you think you have messed up, such as arrange excel sheets, organize your files, delete unnecessary data from your system, and more.

Make a list of all the learnings from past mistakes, so that you can avoid them when you resume your work. Filter out the emails in order to ensure that you have not missed any important mail.

It’s the right time to retrospect on your balance sheet and send the pending invoices too. Also, you can analyze your past investment, where it went wrong, what points you need to consider for future investments, etc.

  • Work on Your Mental and Physical Health

Positive energy brings more positivity to your mind and body. With a busy office schedule, if you were missing on your meditation sessions or workout sessions, include them in your daily routine.

There are many meditation apps available on PlayStore and App Store, that can help you with the right meditation techniques and maintain regularity in your meditation routine.

Also, for physical workout and exercises, you can follow other fitness freaks over many social platforms, ask for their advice, learn new workout techniques from their videos. Using fitness applications, you can set up workout sessions for different exercises and follow them. 

Focus on your mental health, do regular yoga and meditation sessions, get a fit body with regular workouts. Make the most of this free time rather than just eating and sleeping at home. For more tips on how to protect your mental health during these times, contact the mental health professionals at BetterHelp.com. 

Overcoming such a crisis requires mental strength as well that can only be achieved with meditation. So, invest your energy in the right way instead of worrying about the downfalls.

These simple changes can definitely change many things in your business and personal life. Bring some productivity in your life while everyone is going through this lockdown situation.

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