Best Inbound Marketing Strategy for 2020

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the overall process of attracting, engaging, and delighting potential customers and making them trust your brand by providing value. Inbound marketing strategies can take a startup to a subsequent level of growth.

A fantastic inbound marketing plan is a powerful lead generation strategy, and as marketing technology advances, the opportunities for impressive results with inbound still proliferate.

The most challenging aspect of making an efficient inbound marketing plan is typically just knowing where to start.

Here are some inbound marketing strategies for business growth:

SEO Strategy 

SEO is one of the most uncomplicated Inbound Marketing Strategies. Organizations invest their time and money to create websites for people. If the web site and content aren’t discoverable, then it will not reach the targeted audience. Many factors, like keywords, meta descriptions, and other things, affect the SEO strategy. SEO should be more focused on website structure, optimizing images and videos, and responsive experience to mobile users.

crisis marketing strategy
crisis marketing strategy

Personalized Marketing 

The conversion funnel plays a vital role in planning an inbound marketing strategy. Always consider customization for personalizing website content for each stage of the funnel. The more relevant content to the user, the more appreciated and connected they feel to the brand. Here are some personalization ideas supported each phase of the funnel:

Top of the Funnel (TOFU):

Within the first phase of the funnel, the users are checking out relevant information. Use social ads, optimized blog content, and video content to reply to this information using proper keywords. 

Middle of the Funnel (MOFU):

In the second phase, the user is evaluating the various options on the market. Use downloadable content to collect more information about the lead. With this information, you can launch personalized email campaigns and remarketing tactics to maneuver the lead down the funnel.

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU):

In the funnel’s ultimate stage, the user is prepared to form a sale. Use tactics like free demos, discounts, or trials to urge them, and after the acquisition, don’t forget to take care of their loyalty, using personalized emails, coupons, or discounts.

Research your competitors

Conducting some high-level competitive research is a crucial element of an inbound marketing plan for 2020 and beyond. Analyze the top three or four competitors and take some notes on things like:

  • What are the features of their website? 
  • How active they’re on social media?
  • Whether they have a blog section?
  • What content are offers available?
  • How do they connect with the audience? 
  • What are the features that make them unique?

Understanding this information about competitors helps to create informed decisions regarding the inbound marketing strategy. It allows us to make truly unique content that does not feel repetitive or duplicative to prospective buyers.

difference between lead generation and lead nurturing
difference between lead generation and lead nurturing

Create a content strategy

After identifying the targeted audience and what drives them, map their buying journey, and research the keywords they use online. When you put together your inbound content strategy, prepare a central document for your plan. 

  • In your content strategy, ensure to include the following points:
  • Content offers for all stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Blogging calendar
  • Email marketing schedule
  • When creating the content strategy, including many video assets.

Videos, as a part of an efficient inbound marketing strategy, play a vital role. The video should not be complicated or professionally produced, but a short and sweet one- to three-minute official video is typically enough to line you aside from your competitors.

Include CTAs

Call to action buttons are elements that urge users to perform a selected action. Many of us think that putting CTAs at any place will work correctly, but this is not the reality. Rather than placing CTAs wherever they develop a robust strategy, users can maneuver along the conversion funnel and obtain better results.

Use these techniques when developing your CTAs:

  1. Remember that a CTA is content, and rather than treating it as a navigation button, start seeing CTA as a content piece. This may assist you in strategizing them better. 
  2. A good design is going to be crucial for its effectiveness. Try A/B testing to ascertain which CTAs get more clicks.
  3. Defining the function and the phase of the CTA within the conversion funnel is critical. Consider having different CTAs for every step of the funnel.

Workflows, Email Marketing, And Lead Nurturing

Email marketing is an essential strategy for inbound marketing. It is considered as a vital tool for lead nurturing. Monitor your workflow and see if you’re utilizing the full potential. An analyzed workflow strategy will allow you to nurture your leads and accompany them within the different phases of the conversion funnel.

Video content

Videos are the present money-making content formats for marketers. Diode Digital recently found that online video maybe a 600% simpler marketing tool than print and spam combined. Videos are often used within any part of the marketing strategy— landing pages, website banners, product descriptions, webinars, blog articles. 

If your business isn’t using video yet, consider incorporating it into your strategy. Social platforms like Youtube make it easier for anyone to get started with marketing their video. Therefore the platform’s search capabilities allow you to optimize your videos for higher reach.

Visual search

Have you ever wanted to look for a specific product by image? With the present search technology, users can search for any product using images. Visual search incorporates images, screenshots, photographs, or Internet images rather than keywords when conducting a web search. These searches use AI to feature context to the image and are available with relevant web results that match the perception that the searcher used.

Visual search is particularly helpful for people looking to shop for a selected product.

Increase Social Media Reach

Social media plays an important role in spreading awareness about a specific brand. If you posted an engaging article on your website and are assured of getting profitable results, then you need to think again. By using social media platforms, brands can interact with new readers that can be converted to leads.

Social media strategy ensures that your content reaches the relevant audience, even if they have not been on your website.

Hire NodeJs Developer
Hire NodeJs Developer

Community marketing

Online communities are old players in the digital market. Online forums like Quora, Reddit, and other communities are an excellent place to debate interests, share knowledge, collaborate, and solve problems. 

For marketers looking to make value and build authority within the brand’s industry, try diving into communities to extend reach. By engaging with relevant communities, any brand can help people with their problems, understand what the market is trying to find, establish themselves within the communities to suggest their products or services as a top solution when appropriate.

If you own an internet site about productivity, join subreddits like Deciding to be Better and Self Improvement and answer threads and even to users posting overwhelming responses. Widen your reach by trying to find similar groups to hitch on Facebook, and find questions on Quora and Google that you can answer to spice up your brand awareness.