E-commerce Optimisation Tricks to Get More Conversions

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Conversions are the real goal of any eCommerce business which is critical to acquire. For running a successful eCommerce site, it is critical to follow a conversion-oriented approach. Irrespective of the product type, every merchant wants more sales.

Here conversions play as the best metric for the eCommerce business, where increasing conversion rate results in more revenue. This helps the business owner to earn a larger profit at the end of every month and a larger audience reach.

Now the question is how to get potential conversions? The answer to the same is eCommerce optimization. Small optimized changes often show significant results in terms of conversion.

Here we have listed 5 eCommerce optimization tactics that will help you in getting more conversions on your website.

SEO Optimization

An eCommerce site remains an internet site until it is optimized as per the SEO criteria. Start from off-page optimization like friendly, transparent URLs (so people know what they’re getting once they choose a link) and therefore the right focus keywords to assist your products to show up when people search.

One of the important issues from an SEO viewpoint is avoiding duplicate content, which is usually difficult once you are listing an equivalent sort of product.

E-commerce sites typically have tons of duplicated information, for example, various products within the range. A canonical URL directs search engines to the preferred one. If your site runs on WordPress, the WordPress SEO plugin makes it easy to spot a canonical URL by typing it into the right box.

Secure Server & Authentic Business Policy

The difference between choosing one site and another to get an equivalent product isn’t almost price. Shoppers need to trust your business before they spare their cash.

Check your analytics and you’ll see that folks are watching your About page to ascertain who you are, your location, contact details and thereafter visiting your social media profiles. Ensure that you have mentioned all this information on your website.

Research from Internet Retailer published by Shopify shows that customer testimonials and merchandise reviews can boost conversion by between 14 and 76%.

Also, you can give eCommerce conversions another boost by including safe shopping trust marks on your site. A study found that these are important for 76% of web users, and an identical number have not purchased items once they didn’t recognize the logos.

Simplified and Interactive UI/UX 

Even the general design and user experience (UX) on your eCommerce website will work but the foremost important aspect is page load speed.

Syncshow believes that you simply just have two seconds to urge people interested and for each second you’ll lose 10% of your visitors. It’s no wonder why Google is trying to find a sub-1-second page load.

Navigation is another issue in the UX of an eCommerce website. If you’re shopping online, it gets frustrating if products don’t appear within the logical place when navigating. 

When planning your navigation, think in terms of how users search for your products. For instance, Wolfermans understands that some customers know exactly what they need, while others are buying gifts and wish suggestions. Their navigation makes it easy to seek out what you would like, regardless of which sort of buyer you are.

Easy Product Description and Shopping Experience

While you’ll make many small tweaks to enhance the shopping experience and conversions, three really stand out.

First, make sure that site search works well to enhance branding, customer loyalty, conversions, and sales. It’s not almost product information but about related products, delivery times, return policies and more. Make this information easily findable and visual and that they will stick around longer. 

Second, make product descriptions interesting. Warby Parker does an incredible job of writing product descriptions that fit the design of their target audience. You can even provide more in-depth content, like buyers’ guides, which can also help with SEO since Google currently favors long-form and in-depth content. Use split testing to ascertain which product copy provides the simplest conversions.

Third, use a video description. A UK promotional products company found that conversions from those watching videos doubled once they created product videos for 4000 products and overall conversions increased by 7.5%. A video may be a good way to point out people what they’re getting and the way to use it.

Easy and Faster Checkout Process

Shopping cart abandonment may be a major issue for eCommerce sites—that’s why remarketing has become so important.

People abandon shopping carts because they run out of your time, because they don’t want to make an account or because the method is just too complex. Sometimes they leave because they get an upsetting surprise about shipping costs or their preferred payment provider or method is not available.

And then there’s the difficulty of load time. According to recent stats from Radware indicate that 70% of online carts are abandoned before checkout. Even a delay of 2 seconds in load times can increase the abandonment rate to 87%.

People usually think they’re waiting longer than they really are, which is bad news for conversions. There’s much advice on streamlining the handcart experience for better conversions, including:

  • Showing people how far they’re within the process in order to let them know that the process is about to be completed.
  • Reduce the number of pages needed to finish a transaction.
  • Ensuring that shoppers know upfront whether a product is out there or not.
  • Keeping the checkout page simple without any distractions.
  • Save the cart so that shoppers who come later can resume shopping immediately.
  • Tweaking your calls to action.


No matter what you sell online, it’s your bottom-line profits that determine your success. For that, take care of SEO, trust signals, and usefulness while testing the shopping and checkout process. Just these 5 areas can put you well on optimizing eCommerce conversions.

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