Facebook Shops: New Ecommerce Explained

Facebook Shops: Ecommerce Explained

As online shopping has become one of the most demanding trends in the market, Facebook’s Founder Mark Zukerberg has introduced Facebook Shops. With the ease of shopping, it has tempted many users to enjoy online shopping experiences.

Ecommerce has revolutionized the retail market, and social platforms are taking great advantage of it. For instance, Facebook launches “Facebook Shop” to bring business. It’s evolved to satisfy the changing need of individuals and to form online shopping easier for the customers.

People are moving to online stores during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to statista, nearly 25% of people have shifted to online stores from offline shopping.

Initially, e-commerce was limited in its capabilities but now has a vast scope. Be it customization, better return policies, or improved integration, all of those changes have taken the planet of e-commerce to new heights. 

With the ongoing global crisis COVID-19, when people cannot go outside due to the lockdown imposition, online shopping has saved many people from starving for food and essentials. The current crisis has proved the convenience of online stores.

e-commerce store
e-commerce store

Realizing the need of the hour, Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook Shops. It is focused on improving the buying experience of Facebook users on the platform. According to the official announcement of Facebook owner Mark Zukerberg, more people are connecting with brands through their smartphones using online retail platforms. Hence it is the best way to target potential customers. Let’s understand more about Facebook shops.

What are Facebook Shops?

A Facebook Shop is a business page tab application on the platform where potential customers can directly buy products. It allows potential customers to browse, share, and purchase products without having to go away from their Facebook windows.

Users can easily connect with international markets and different brands online. Hence they prefer to shop online.

Many brands lack in delivering better mobile experiences to their online customers, as they haven’t yet been ready to optimize their mobile shopping experience. So, Facebook has resolved this by offering faster and improved Facebook Shops. 

Everybody is already on Facebook, so why not use this platform as your online business hub?

It’s exciting that Facebook realized the business demands and portraying itself as a savior for both buyers and sellers.

Facebook can certainly make a robust case during this regard. During a new blog post, The Social Networking Site Facebook has outlined the varied efforts it’s undertaking to connect people. Considering both the businesses that are in the experimental stage and coming sometime soon. Essentially, it is a blueprint for a way Facebook plans to dominate online shopping.

What does it Offer to Online Shoppers and Sellers?

Convenience, effortless shopping, and enhanced user-experience for sure. Let’s discuss it further:

The Facebook Store app is tremendous and surprisingly cheap due to enormous business exposure thanks to Facebook’s massive user audience. If this isn’t enough, the Facebook store also can help with:

  • Driving new sales
  • Engaging potential customers with products directly.
  • Offering deals and promotions
  • Rewarding brand advocates
  • Building brand awareness and recognition
  • Engaging the Facebook community to grow your eCommerce business
wooCommerce Plugins 2020
wooCommerce Plugins 2020

Some Amazing Facets of Facebook Shop

Interactive Ads

Facebook highlights the glory they’ve witnessed with their entertaining ads format. Facebook ads are certainly a stimulating option and one which is probably going to become more beneficial as the users get more familiar with them. 

They have already seen success with such ads- if you haven’t considered Facebook’s Carousel Ads for your business, it’s going to be worth looking into – mainly because the offering is now available for Instagram as well.


Facebook highlights one of its new offerings called ‘Canvas,’ which is currently in the testing phase. The first version of Canvas was launched at the Cannes Lions Festival back in June, a captivating ad format to effectively brand a website on Facebook.

Now, with Facebook Shops, Facebook is planning to expand Canvas, giving advertisers a fast-loading, full-screen experience where they will flick through a spread of products, before getting to the retailer’s website to get.

The complete process focuses on streamlining the buying process, giving users more reason to remain on Facebook instead of bouncing off to non-optimized mobile websites.

Buy’ Buttons

Facebook is continually pushing ahead with testing its on-platform ‘buy’ button, which might further smoothen the sales funnel for users. By clicking on the ‘buy’ button, shoppers can eventually form a purchase directly from a business without leaving Facebook.

Shop Section

Facebook has recently announced that they are going to enhance the mobile pages with new updates that will include more prominent call to action buttons and new page sections, including a ‘Shop’ option, and form following elements of Facebook’s shopping takeover.

With over one billion people visiting Pages monthly, people are already turning to Pages to find out more about businesses.

The update will make it easier for brands to make a whole, on-platform shopping experience – which is all a part of Facebook’s broader aim, to form Facebook the core of your online existence, from connecting with family and friends to consuming content, and now to shopping.


Shopping Feed

Facebook’s new shopping feed aims to spotlight products listed on Facebook that you’re likely to be interested in and support your connections, Likes, and interests. As noted, the new ‘Shopping’ listing is going to be available via your Favorites tab.

The eventual aim to make individualized streams of shopping recommendations supporting the massive user data on Facebook. Potentially, if done right, making it the foremost accurate personal shopping interest feed available, and therefore the place to be for retailers looking to succeed in targeted audiences online.


Facebook, given its specialization in improving the mobile user experience, and its unmatched audience reach and data is best placed to maximize this. People are already there; they’re already familiar with the Facebook experience. It is sensible to succeed in them where they’re, instead of work to filter them off to a different location – right?

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