Flutter: Top 5 Open Source Widgets

Flutter Top 5 Widgets

Flutter is the new favorite tool of developers globally for cross-platform app development. The Flutter community is engaging, committed and open for contributions. Developers can contribute to Flutter’s core code by sending a pull request to Flutter’s main repo on GitHub.

Developers can also make great widgets thanks to Flutter’s plugin system. Many developers have created cool, useful & open source widgets for other developers to use.

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The top 5 Flutter widgets Which are Our Favorite

Tinder Cards

Wondering how to build swiping cards like Tinder? Well, using this widget, you can easily make Tinder-like swiping cards for your Flutter app. This widget allows swiping in both directions. It supports images and videos in the cards. The widget can be found here.

Contact Picker

Social media apps depend on the user’s contact list to let the users know about their friends and invite them to the platform. Contact Picker is a widget that would help you in achieving just that. It allows Flutter apps to read the contacts present on the device using the device’s native contact picker. This means that your app does not require contact read permission too. It’s a bit limited though. Currently, it supports picking contact numbers only. It can be extended to pick up more properties like address, email, etc. Visit here.


Steppers are useful for building UI where the users are supposed to select quantities in whole numbers. For example, in an e-commerce app, users are required to select the quantity of the product before adding it to their cart. This widget provides beautiful design along with delightful animation which makes the widgets overall joyful to use. The repo for this widget can be found here.

Flutter Offline

Almost every app requires an internet connection to work. In cases where connectivity is a must, developers have to go the extra mile to check the internet connectivity in their apps. With Flutter Offline, you can easily check for internet connectivity in your Flutter apps with just a few lines of code. What’s more? It has the ability to show the connection status on the UI too! Flutter Offline can be found here.


Building business-oriented and data-centric apps is a big task. The UI has to be simple while being productive at the same time. In many such apps, showing the data interactively with pie charts makes them more useful. With Flutter Chart Widget, you can easily make circular charts with animations. It supports updating the charts in real-time too. Its code can be found here.

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