Released for public use in Mobile World Congress, 2018, Flutter is Google's offering to the world of Cross Platform App Development. Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase. Through our Flutter App Development services, we are able to deliver apps in record time for businesses and start-ups of every kind.

Why Flutter?

Cross Platform

Build quality apps from single code-base quickly with Flutter. Need more control? You can even integrate native code in Java/Kotlin/Swift and call it from Flutter. The possibilites are endless.

Fast Development

Because Flutter has a great set of developer tools, Flutters apps are made way faster as compared to native apps. Gone are the days of waiting for the build to make in Android Studio!

Hot Reload

Instantly see the changes on saving the code. Yes, our designers and developers are finally working happily together. Hot Reload works on Android, iOS and emulator devices.

Great Themes

Flutter supports both Material and Cupertino designs. Which means that your users will always feel home when they run on your app. Don't like included themes? Don't worry. You can customize themes to your hearts content.

Native Performance

Unlike traditional cross-platform tools, Flutter uses native widgets on respective mobile platforms. Which means that you'll always get native-liker performance app after app.

Flutter makes it easy to build beautiful apps, with its rich set of Material Design and Cupertino (iOS) widgets and components. Flutter implements platform-specific scrolling, navigational patterns, fonts, and many more things natively so the users always feel home as per their mobile’s operating system. It can also shorten the app development process and delivery time. Having reduced the efforts of app development by 23% in terms of time and cost, we can say that Flutter is the final solution for cross-platform app development.

Mobile app development is full of possibilities for your business. Pixel-perfect designs, faster app development process including hot-reload, quick iteration times and few more features makes Flutter a start-up friendly tool. Not just startups, enterprises can also benefit from Flutter. Because its cross-platform, businesses need to hire fewer resources, have quicker feedback cycles and reduced time-to-market. Ultimately, they reach their audience on both Android and iOS at almost half the cost, time and energy.

Flutter @CitrusLeaf

We've been developing apps on Flutter since it's beta version. Since it's inception, we understood it's value and the fact that it's going to change the way we write apps in the future. Gone are the days of writing separate code for Android and iOS. With Flutter and Dart, we've been able to achieve unprecedented productivity across over development efforts. From developing an open source Hacker News client to full-fledged e-commerce apps, we've done it all on Flutter. And not just Flutter, we can integrate native widgets too just for that extra 1% increase in overall performance. Combined with the power of Flutter, we're able to deliver beautiful experiences app by app.

One of the leading web and mobile app development companies, CitrusLeaf offers app development services using revolutionary framework, Flutter. Our diverse and skilled team of developers can help you the smartest and quickest solution for your cross-platform development projects.
We strive to work with you seamlessly as a team. As your partners, we are flexible as per your demands. Need a bigger team? No problem. Need help hiring internal developers? We can even help with that by offering technical reviews and evaluations of candidates.

Flutter: Trusted By Brands Worldwide

In spite of being in early stages, Flutter is already transforming the way enterprise and startups build apps. Some of the biggest brands in the world rely on Flutter. It is time for you to get your name added in the list.

We Write About Flutter. A lot.

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With several advanced features, the Flutter framework has created a buzz in the market. Let’s find out why it is the most-suited and preferred framework for Android/iOS app development.
Here are the reasons to justify the fact that Flutter is the preferred framework for the development:
  • Speedy animations
  • Single code language for layout and backend
  • Dart supports multi-language
  • No repetitive Gradle build time
  • Single tech stack
  • Enhance UI elements
  • Easy testing
  • Increased productivity
Flutter framework has made it easy to develop cross-platform applications with developer-friendly features. With Flutter development, there is no need to build Android and iOS apps separately.
  • Flutter is an open-source and free framework
  • Supports native code integration (Java/Kotlin/Swift/Objective-C)
  • Single code base reduces the overall time to market
  • Works on Dart which is a faster object-oriented programming language
You can check business requirements according to the following criteria and decide if Flutter is suited for your needs or not.
  • Allows you to build your MVP quickly
  • Speedy development
  • A single code base for both iOS & Android platforms
  • The Unicode approach makes it very cost-effective
  • Easy customization & maintenance
Flutter is an open-source platform and it supports all operating systems including Linux, Mac, Windows, apart from Android & iOS. For any Flutter framework related query you can drop a mail to us and our Flutter consultants will happily assist you in helping you decide.
The performance of an application is based on factors like CPU usage, iteration time, response time, no. of frames per second and more. Because Flutter does not depend on any JavaScript bridge, unlike other cross-platform tools, there is no need to worry about performance. Get 60 FPS at any complexity and scale.
Before opting for any Flutter development company you must consider their experience with Flutter and the number of apps they've released in production. They must also be good at understanding the requirements and suggest alternatives if Flutter does not fit them.