How to Develop an Online Bus Ticket Booking App like RedBus: Cost & Features

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With technology in our hands, almost any task can be done in a few or more clicks.  Digital transformation has covered everything from grocery shopping to ticket booking.  Mobile applications have become an important tool in our daily life. Long gone those days when you have to stand in a queue to get a bus ticket. The traditional ticket booking system has transformed from a booking window to a digital platform. Most of the businesses have expanded to the online transaction system following the growing digital trends.

The transport and logistics industry is growing at a rapid pace after integrating with technology innovations. If we talk specifically about the transport industry, online ticket booking applications have become a rising trend. Online ticket booking is more accessible and convenient for travelers as everyone carries a smartphone in their pocket. Statistics say that in the past decade the bus traveling sector has witnessed a tremendous rise in the online ticket booking by a bus ticket booking app.

So, with ticket booking app development businesses can make traveling and reservation effortless for the customers. Also, the business owner can remotely control and monitor everything from bookings to customer details to payments with one application.

Let’s discuss the features, functionalities and development cost of a ticket booking app like RedBus.

Essential Features for Ticket Booking App like RedBus

A travel booking app should include the following functionalities:

  • Social Media Login

Social media login is the easiest way for a user to log into the application. It allows users to sign up into the application through their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social Media plugins create a better customer experience that leads to better sales.

  • Online Payment Modes

Cashless transactions have made booking services easier. It is more convenient for users to pay online using payment modes like Google Pay, Debit card, PayTm, etc. It is important to provide quick, secure and effortless payment mediums to customers.

  • GPS Integration

The most important feature of a travel-related app is GPS integration. Location tracking helps the user to know the live location of the bus, estimated time to reach the destination, and more. Most of the users track the location of their ride after booking it to know how long it will take to reach the pickup point.

It is also important for logistics purposes, as the operator can track all of his vehicles, so the chances of a vehicle going off track can be reduced.

  • Real-Time Seat Availability

It is an obvious feature for a ticket booking app so that the user can know about the availability of the seats on a specific bus. Also, most of the users want to book seats according to their preference such as window seats or upper seats. So, a ticket booking app must allow users to manually select their seats to provide maximum convenience to the customers.

  • Chat Window

The chat window allows users to directly chat with bus operators in case of any emergency or query. Most of the ticket booking apps offering in-app chat windows are getting a huge response from users. With this feature, bus operators or drivers can pass on any important notification or message to the fellow drivers or passengers. An AI-enabled chatbot will deliver the best customer experience.

  • Complete Authentication

For security purposes, it is important to consider the required security measures to prevent any kind of fraud in the future. Any type of booking app must include QR scanning to authenticate passengers and bus drivers. As while booking a ticket, customers enter some personal information like Aadhar card number, card details, account details, etc. Now it is on the ticket booking app developer to implement complete authentication to safeguard the passenger’s data.

  • Booking Management Module

A flexible booking module is preferred by the customers. It is important that the ticket booking app offers easy booking and cancellation processes. As most of the time booking or canceling a ticket is subjected to a certain urgency. So, the booking management module must offer these facilities with minimal charges for user convenience. You must plan the management module of your ticket booking app properly, as it is the core component of the digital architecture.

Cost to Develop a Ticket Booking App like RedBus

Ticket booking app development cost completely depends on the features and the functionalities of the application. There are a variety of factors that affects the development cost such as:

  • Development platform
  • UI/UX
  • User Panel features
  • Admin Panel features
  • Dynamin Functionalities

If you are running a traveling business, then you must opt for a ticket booking app for better results and growth of your business.