Grocery App Development Cost in India

With technology, almost every task can be done with a smartphone in just a few clicks. The world is brimming with technology and makes everything convenient for people. The way of grocery shopping has changed with technology. The traditional way of grocery shopping by visiting the supermarket and standing in the queue to do the payment is out of trend now. With Grocery delivery application, no more rummage through the aisles to find the grocery stuff you need.

Online grocery delivery is a rapidly growing trend in the market. These applications are getting immense popularity because people can do their complete grocery shopping from a single platform. So no more trolley picking as you can get all the items delivered at your home.

Why Grocery Delivery Apps are Getting Popular?

Technology has played a revolutionary role and made grocery retailing a lot easier for retailers and grocery shopping easier for buyers. Grocery delivery app allows traders to sell food products online such as vegetables, fruits, beverages, staples and more. Online grocery traders are gaining a huge customer base using grocery delivery apps like BigBasket. People have moved from visiting the supermarket and standing in the queue for billing to easy cart and checkout options.

As per a recent report, nearly 48% of people are buying groceries online through grocery apps. With such a great growth figure, grocery delivery app development has gained a speedy momentum to deliver an exemplified and enthralling experience to users.

How to Develop a Grocery Delivery App?

Online grocery delivery platform is an up-trend and popular among people because it offers the convenience of buying and accessibility to a wide range of products. The traditional ways of grocery shopping are undeniably tiring and time-consuming and hence, people are preferring grocery delivery mobile apps.

Now the question is how to make a grocery delivery app that can easily earn downloads. So, the application design and its features make an application worth or worthless.

Features Required for Grocery Delivery App Development

Grocery delivery apps are developed considering different roles. Every panel includes some common features and some distinct features. Admin can efficiently manage the application workflow through different panels.

Here are the features of grocery mobile app:

Features of User Panel

  • Login/Register: Users can register on the app with the contact number or email address. Registered users can log into the application with specific login credentials.
  • User Profile: User profile includes all the information related to the person such as name, contact number, address, age, etc. They can manage and edit their personal details in this section.
  • Browse Products: This feature allows users to browse through a wide range of products to select a preferred product. Users can sort the products using categories and subcategories. 
  • Wishlist & Add to Cart: Users can select the product quantity and can directly add the preferred product to the cart. Furthermore, users can wishlist the item to buy them later.
  • Delivery Address: Users can add as many delivery addresses as they want and select the desired delivery address at the time of order placing.
  • Order Tracking: Users get a real-time order tracking feature in the app. It helps them stay updated about their order status and delivery time.
  • Order History: All the orders placed by the user are recorded under this section. Users can access their previous orders anytime and reorder the same product when required.
  • Share product & Invite Friends: This feature allows users to share their wishlist and selected products with their network. Also, they can invite their friends to download the application and earn discount coupons.
  • Feedback: Under this section, user can write their shopping experience and product reviews to help other customers.

Features of Admin Panel

  • Login: Admin can log into the application with specific login credentials to access the application dashboard.
  • Dashboard: Through the dashboard, admin can keep an eye on all the business activities. Admin can track the received orders, shipped orders and other app stats on a single dashboard screen.
  • Assign Orders: After order confirmation, the admin assigns the order to the delivery person mentioning the date, address and time of delivery. The order assignment is managed with this feature.
  • Inventory Management: The inventory stock is managed by the admin using the admin panel. For a grocery business, it is important to keep track of the available inventory. It helps in managing all the orders efficiently by allowing real-time tracking of the product inventory.
  • Product & Order Management: All the orders and products are managed by the admin through the admin panel. Admin can add new products and delete the available products on the application from the backend
  • User Management: Admin can manage all the customers and keep them engaged with effective customer management.
  • Payment Options: Offering multiple payment options to the users will make it more convenient for them to shop online. All the transactions and payments are managed by admin. Admin is responsible for managing tax and commission related transactions.
  • Real-time Analytics: With real-time order tracking and customer data, admin can access the revenue insights and plan a strategy accordingly.

Cost to Develop a Grocery Delivery App

The cost of grocery mobile app development completely depends on the features and functionalities of the application. Although to deliver impressive shopping experience to the user, a well-designed and well-planned application development is required. The major factors that affect the development cost are:

  • Development platform
  • Application design
  • Application features
  • Application complexity

However, for the exact estimation of grocery app development, you need to connect with a skilled mobile app development company.