Best 10 Weight Loss Apps: 2020

weight loss apps

Fitness has become a popular trend among people, as now everybody is aware that a healthy lifestyle is no less than a blessing. The foremost requirement for getting a fit body is no obesity, no overweight problem, and no extra fat. Moreover, the overweight problem can result in a lot of serious health issues. Hence, it is important to keep the body weight and body fat balanced.

Although, thinking about losing weight is easy but following a strict diet and workout routine is not easy to make. It requires motivation, discipline, and determination to lose weight and keep it off, and a weight loss app can help you with the same. A weight-loss app installed in your smartphone can help you burn calories not scrolling through a smartphone.

Weight loss apps will motivate you and help you to keep count on calories, track your daily meal, set your workout routine and more. Such fitness apps motivate people to get healthy and follow a healthy routine.

Best 10 Weight Loss Apps:

There are many weight-loss apps out there in the market claiming to help you lose weight, where some of them really help to burn calories, some don’t. In order to motivate people to burn enough calories, weight loss apps record and track the long-term process of your weight-loss journey.

Some of the weight management apps include unique features like financial reward or points on completing a fitness task, encourages users to use the app more and more. These apps are not only easy to use but also include many benefits that are supported by science. According to much research, self-monitoring encourages users to lose weight by increasing awareness of their habits and progress.

A right app can help you lose weight more easily and effectively. Here we have compiled a list of best apps for weight loss to help you shed unwanted pounds.

  • Fitbit App:

Fitbit is synchronized with the Fitbit wearable device that keeps track of the physical activity of the user. The wearable device records the step count, walking distance, heart rate, stairs climbed and measures the human activity throughout the day. All the information and data collected by the Fitbit band is updated in the app. On the basis of your daily routine, the app keeps a track of user’s food and water intake, sleep habits, weight-loss goals, etc. It also includes many community features, that allow users to connect with their friends, participate in health and fitness challenges, share weight-loss progress.

Features of Fitbit App:

  1. Users can set reminders for exercise and workout routine
  2. Send notifications to users telling about their fitness goal of the day
  3. Users gain awards and reward points on achieving the specific health goals
  4. Easy-to-use app with various features that motivates the users by showing their health progress and weight loss journey.
  • Lose It!:

This user-friendly weight loss app is focused on calorie counting and weight tracking. Lose It app works on the analysis of weight, age, and health goals and generates a daily report including calorie requirement and weight loss routine. Users need to set their weight loss plan and then they can record their daily food intake manually or using a barcode scanner. The app generates a daily and weekly report of the user’s calorie intake. An amazing and unique feature of Lose It is that it allows users to take pictures of their meals to track their everyday food intake using Snap It feature. The app has some premium paid features otherwise it is free of cost.

Features of Lose It

  1. Lose It displays the weight change process on a graph which motivates users.
  2. Lose It has its own community, where users can participate in health or fitness challenges, share or ask for any kind of fitness-related information.
  3. It has a team of expert nutritionists that verify the nutritional value of the meals taken by the users.
  4.  Users can sync this app with other weight loss and fitness apps
  • SparkPeople:

SparkPeople is a user-friendly weight-loss app that allows users to log their daily meals, weight-loss goals, daily exercise routine, and more. The app contains a huge database including over 3o lakh food items to help users select the food item they ate. With the barcode scanner, users can keep track of the packaged food items. When users sign up into the app, they gain access to the exercise demo tutorials.

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Features of SparkPeople

  1. The exercise section of the app includes the photos and descriptions of the exercises so that users can follow the proper techniques for their workouts.
  2. When users achieve certain health goals, they will receive health points from the app which is a great motivation for the users
  3. SparkPeople is a completely free weight loss app with no paid features
  4. All the users of the SparkPeople app get access to their health and fitness articles from an interactive online community of the app.
  • MyFitnessPal:

MyFitneePal is one of the widely popular weight-loss apps that includes calorie counting in its weight loss strategy. The app calculates the daily calorie needs and food intake, users can whatever they want from the nutrition database of the app. For every food item, the MyFitnessPal app shows calories and nutritional value. It generates a pie chart that gives an overview of the total fat, carb, and protein consumed by the user.

MyFitnessPal also included a barcode scanner to enter the nutritional value of the packaged food. The basic version of the app is free.

Features of MyFitnessPal

  1. Users can search for healthy food recipes using MyFitnessPal
  2. It includes a feature i.e message board, where users can share fitness tips and success stories with other users
  3. Users can quickly add the number of calories instead of entering all the details of the meal
  4. MyFitnessPal can sync with other fitness tracking apps like Fitbit, records the calorie need of the users based on the number of calories burned by them.
  • Cron-O-Meter:

Cron-O-Meter is among the best weight loss apps allows users to track nutrition, fitness goal and health data. It also includes the calorie-counting feature and a database of over 50,000 different food items. This app helps users to control their calorie intake and obtain optimal nutrient intake. Using the snapshot feature of the app, users can click their pictures and upload them to compare the body changes throughout the weight loss process. Cron-O-Meter online forum helps users to get answers to their queries and have a discussion on various nutrition topics with other users.

Features of Cron-O-Meter

  1. Users can access their progress toward their weight goals using the trends feature
  2. Cron-O-Meter tracks more nutrients compared to other weight-loss apps
  3. It includes an extensive amount of information including biometric data, cholesterol levels, blood pressure and more
  4. User-friendly app with an online forum where users can ask questions and find fitness tips.
  • Weight Watcher:

This app is known for the best weight loss diet planner according to the US news and world report. Weight Watcher is mainly developed to help men burn calories and get in shape.

Features of Weight Watcher

  1. Database including many restaurants and around 5,000 nutritional food recipes
  2. Connect with other app users on social platforms using hashtag #WWBros
  • Pact:

Pact motivates users to lose weight by cash stakes and help them achieve fitness goals. While signing up on the app, users need to set a specific amount of money that they will pay to other users at the end of the week, if they have not achieved the weekly fitness goals. On completing the fitness goal, users receive a cash reward from users who have not failed.

Features of Pact

  1. Includes three types of sections: Gym pact, veggie pact, food logging pact
  2. Users can set their fitness goals and fitness lifestyle
  3. Incredibly effective for weight loss due to financial incentive plan.
  • Noom:

Noom is a free weight loss app with an in-app purchase model. It is among one of the most popular weight-loss apps with requisite calorie and activity trackers that track users’ daily habits and routine. Users can connect with fitness coaches and trainers for weight loss consultation.

Features of Noom

  1. PsychTricks feature analyzes the psychological and emotional behavior of the user to find the reasons for overeating
  2. Users can enter their food intake and exercise routine into the app
  • BetterMe:

BetterMe weight loss app mainly focuses on weight loss workouts and exercises. This is available for free download with some premium paid features. According to the habits and fitness problem of the user, BetterMe suggests the right pack of exercises.

Features of BetterMe

  1. Developed to help women with overweight problem
  2. Promotes workout exercises including glutes, quads, and hamstrings
  • Strides:

Strides is a weight loss app for iOS users only that is available for free download with some paid features. This app allows users to track their weight loss progress, daily habits, food intake, sleeping hours, water intake, junk food consumption, etc.

Features of Strides

  1. Users can track their progress through the in-app calendar, line charts, and bar graphs
  2. Remind users about their next fitness task of the day

These weight-loss applications help users to effectively progress towards their fitness goals. With many unique and advanced features, these apps motivate users to follow a healthy and fit lifestyle.

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