Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS: 2020

best podcast apps 2020

Either you’re stuck in the traffic or sitting in a garden, wouldn’t it be great to use this time in learning something useful? Surely yes. People might not be able to read books every time but they can listen to it. Podcasts are a great way to kill your time in a productive way. To help people easily find the podcast category, they want to listen to, can be difficult due to episodic nature and unpredictable release dates of podcasts.

But there are many amazing podcasts apps for Android and iOS users that do more than just streaming your favorite podcasts. These apps automatically download and sort new podcast episodes, help users manage their subscriptions, include many audio tools and features, and offer an amazing listening experience to the users. There are some best podcast apps with standout features that can turn your smartphone into a podcast recorder and editing studio.

Best 10 Podcast Apps for 2020

The market is filled with many great podcast apps: some are for iOS only, some are for Android only and some are for both platforms. Realising the opportunities in the Podcast app development, several companies and developers are investing in it. Many podcast apps include features like discovery options, playback controls, different sharing options, sleep timers and more.

Here we have listed the top 10 podcast apps, so have a look at the most popular podcast apps:

  • RadioPublic:

RadioPublic is an amazing podcast app available on both the platforms Android and iOS. It is not the old player in the podcasting space but in very less time the app has become much popular among users because it offers an amazing experience for both creators and listeners.

  1. It follows an ad-supported model that pays creators the more you listen.
  2. RadioPublic podcast app offers thousands of different podcasts of various categories with automatic downloads, streaming playback, playlists, audiobook support and more
  3. It is one of the free podcast apps and doesn’t require an app account or log in.
  4. Features like listen offline, add private RSS feeds, import & export using OPML
  • Castbox:

With some really impressive and unique features, Castbox is available on the Play Store and App Store. The app has won many “best of” awards from Google and Apple. Castbox app has a clean and navigable interface, a variety of good podcasts, amazing podcast audio searching, and delivers an excellent mobile podcaster experience.

  1. Allows users to sign in with Gmail account and social accounts like Facebook or Twitter
  2. Users can subscribe to podcasts, download episodes for offline streaming, sync their app account with multiple devices
  3. Castbox supports streaming through Chromecast, Amazon Echo, Apple Watch and CarPlay support
  4. Supports homepage customization, customer support, and many new features

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  • Podbean:

 Podbean is a streamlined interface that offers a podcast app for easy access to multiple podcast categories for streaming online or offline listening. The app is easy-to-use with a 5-star rating on both Android and iOS.

  1. Podcasters can register on the app and download a PodBean hosting account to create a podcast on their phone.
  2. This single application allows users to listen and download podcasts.
  3. Users can search podcast categories, get suggestions according to their preferences, play speed adjustment, timer and sleep function.
  4. Auto-download and auto-delete feature
  • Pocket Casts

It is one of the best podcast apps for Android and iOS with over 300,000 unique podcasts from amateurs and professional podcast creators. Users can subscribe to their favorite podcasters and Pocket Casts will automatically download new episodes.

  1. It has advanced playback features that can enhance users’ listening experience.
  2. Users can change the play speed between 0.5 to 3x, trim silences from podcast episodes, and boost the podcast volume
  3. Pocket Casts has great UI, light/dark themes, search and filter options, and many other features
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  • Google Podcasts:

Google is one of the widely known brand’s names that has entered the podcast space as well. It gives an amazing user experience with Google Home speaker along and an Android phone.

  1. Ability to adjust playback speed
  2. Google Assistant integration and add podcasts directly from Google search results
  3. Expected to introduce with AI-powered features in the future such as automatic closed captioning
  • Spotify:

Spotify is available on Android and iOS both the platforms and includes audio and video podcasts. There are a variety of podcasts categories organized by in the app such as Storytellers, Sports & Recreation, Comedy and more.

  1. Spotify has nifty Spoken Word section
  2. With Spotify users can subscribe to individual podcasts, manager podcast downloads, share podcasts on social platforms, etc
  • Castro:

Castro podcast is only available for the iOS platform with many categories of podcasts. Castro focuses on availing lots of podcasts rather than updating the app every time with new content. As users cannot listen to everything that gets released at a time.

  1. Sleek app design with crystal clear audio experience with the background download feature
  2. Its Triage feature allows user to expand different podcasts without getting notifications for new podcast episodes
  3. Triage recommends podcasts to the user based on the previously watched podcasts.
  • Stitcher:

Stitcher is an on-demand online radio service along with an excellent podcast app. Stitcher podcast app contains more than 100,000 podcasts for both Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and Amazon Echo smart voice-controlled personal assistants.

  1. The app is implemented into over 50 car models including GM, Ford, BMW, and Volvo.
  2. Users receive personalized recommendations based on their listening interest
  3. Automatically download new podcasts that can be streamed offline
  • Laughable:

 Laughable is a comedy-focused podcast app for both Android and iOS platforms. We all know that laughter is the best medicine and this concept is merely adopted by the Laughable app. Many famous and amazing comedians share their content on the app.

  1. Users can search for their favorite podcaster and listen to their content
  2. The laughable database does not only include comedians but athletes, actors and other public figures as well
  3. Users can subscribe to the podcasts within the app and enjoy features like playback, offline listening, adjustable playback speed, sleep timer and more
  • Overcast:

Overcast is an iOS podcast app that offers an amazing user experience. This app supports all iOS devices including the Apple Watch, iPad. It is very simple to navigate through the overcast app and it is suitable for the people who enjoy a clear user interface.

  1. Includes many extremely useful features to make users’ listening experience more enjoyable
  2. Users can create smart playlists with podcast priorities, boost or normalize the playback volume, enhance podcast discovery and more
  3. It is one of the best podcast apps for iOS

If you love to listen to stories, documentaries, audio episodes, then Podcast apps are the best choice for you. The above list will help you select the best Podcast app according to your preferences. Also, if you want to develop a Podcast app and are looking to hire a mobile app development company, you can contact us at