How to Build Meditation App: Development Cost & Features

We are living in a fast-paced life where people do not have enough time to spend time with themselves. A lot of stress in mind and hectic work life, impact their life adversely.

Even when people get some time out of their busy schedule, they spend it either watching TV or playing games, which does not give them inner peace or relaxation. Thus, to reduce daily stress and have good mental health, people should adopt a meditation routine.

Meditation is an extreme form of attaining concentration that is termed as “Dhyana”. With regular meditation, a person can acquire the ability to stay focused and discover mental potential.

Meditation gives complete inner peace and relaxation, required to follow up with your daily tasks and routine. Meditation app helps you with the proper meditation techniques and exercises.

Why should you Invest in Meditation App Development?

Everybody wants to live a healthy fit lifestyle and people have understood the purported benefits of meditation and yoga to stay fit. Smartphones are blamed for making a person unproductive and distracted, but it only depends on how you use them.

Through meditation apps, people can watch yoga videos, meditation exercises and follow them. When people are so much into meditation apps, it is a correct opportunity to invest in the sector.

When we look at the meditation app market, apps like Headspace or Calm have achieved more than 10 million downloads and $100 million of annual revenue. Such figures show the profitable opportunity the meditation niche offers.

According to Statista, the meditation market in the USA is estimated to be around $1.22 billion and is predicted to be worth $2 billion by 2022. The National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health stated that 18 million of the USA adults i.e 8% of the total adult population use meditation apps to reduce stress and improve mental health.

How to Build a Meditation App like Headspace or Calm

When developing an app, there are many important aspects to consider such as requirements, features, development timeframe, budget, and many more. Prior to meditation app development, one should know all the resources needed for the development.

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The foremost requirement is understanding the must-haves features of the app. Let’s discover what are the essential features that are needed for building the best meditation app.

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Features Required for Meditation App Development

  • User Profile: Firstly, the user needs to register on the app using an email ID or contact number or social login IDs. Unlike other apps, the set of information a meditation app requires is related to the mental and physical health of the user and others such as Age, preferred meditation technique, stress level, meditation sessions, etc.
  • Select Meditation Course: Users can browse and select the meditation course they want. All the meditation exercises are categorized on the basis of difficulty level, specific mental condition, time duration and more.
  • Add Introductory Courses: It is not necessary that every user visiting your app is familiar with meditation practices and techniques. These introductory courses will help users to know about the meditation and mindfulness process.

Although, ready-made courses can be integrated into the application or YouTube links can be added to the app.

  • Meditation Games: Adding games to the meditation app will encourage users. Gamification creates a thrill in the users as people crave competing even in an anxious state. This feature will strengthen the app retention strategy and engage users effectively with the app.
  • Set Meditation Sessions: This is an important feature that allows users to set the duration of the meditation process. Multiple meditation sessions guide users through the process of achieving calmness and relaxation. The meditation sessions can vary from 3 to 30 minutes.
  • Audio & Video Meditation Exercises: Adding audio and video playbacks to the meditation sessions is an important feature. Along with the integrated audio and video playbacks, allow users to record their meditation chants or meditation videos. So that users can analyze their progress with this.
  • Push Notifications: Push notifications help with user-engagement as well as solidify the app retention strategies. It is easy for people to skip their meditation routine, where push notifications help them remember this. Push notifications encourage people to include meditation exercises in their daily habits. These notifications can be personalized and can be scheduled for timely reminders.
  • Progress Report: Users can track their progress with this feature. Progress report allows users to look into their interaction history and meditation sessions. They can know how many stages they have cleared and how many stages are yet to be covered to reach the next level of mindfulness.
  • In-app Purchase: Users can opt for paid premium features or can pay for the subscriptions to access advanced features of the app through an in-app purchase option. This feature requires secure and simple Payment Gateways for easily completing the transactions.

Cost to Develop a Meditation App like headspace

Mobile app development cost always depends on the application requirements and it’s other aspects. Precisely, the complexity proportion, application features, functionalities, development strategy, development timeframe and lastly the location of the mobile app development company or app developer plays major role in deciding the cost of the app development.

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