Why You Need ERPNext In Your eCommerce Business?

ERPNext will help you in running your eCommerce business easily

The eCommerce industry is on the peak during the pandemic days and is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the coming years. There are many new techniques available in the market to make E-commerce stores more advanced.

Integrating ERPNext with an E-commerce store helps with smooth data flow and proper stock management. ERPNext is a fully-featured business management solution that helps SMEs(Small & Medium Entrepreneurs) record all the business transactions in one system. And also it’s open-source.

Through ERPNext Services, it’s a simple thing for giant E-commerce stores to keep track of money flow in multiple cities, countries, and companies. Even today, the small and enormous business is now satisfied to use ERPNext software in their firms today.

Why is Mobile AR Poised for Success
Why is Mobile AR Poised for Success

Benefits of ERPNext Services for eCommerce stores:

  • Do accounts to stay track of sales/ purchases
  • pays taxes to the govt sector.
  • Pay their employees monthly salaries.
  • Manage deliveries within promised time slices.
  • Deliver quality goods and services to their precious customer.
  • Communicate with customers, and resolve their problems and keep happy customers.

How ERPNext Integration Helps Ecommerce Business to Grow?

E-Commerce has become a revolutionized way of selling the products at relatively low cost. In recent years, many businesses have opted for keeping a web storefront alongside their brick and mortar stores. In contrast, many companies consider an e-commerce platform and ERP software as two separate components, making it challenging to manage both the platforms. With no communication between the platforms, businesses miss out on the advantages of an integrated ERP system. 

With the integration of the ERP system in E-commerce stores, one can easily manage web sales along with side efficient internal business functional management.

Here are some advantages of ERPNext integration with eCommerce store:

Improves Functionality:

The integration of an ERP software initiates the supply of real-time data to the storefront, allowing customers to look at and access the knowledge concerning the available inventory, order status, and shipment tracking details using the lot/serial or other tracking numbers. This helps in reducing the value of operations and improving the customer experience together with your storefront.

Reduces the Operational cost: 

With ERPNext integration, it is easy to maintain updated sales information. An ERP system offers all the details regarding web sales information and also updates about online transactions. 

The updated web sales information and inventory details help forecast and adequately plan the acquisition, which reduces the operational inventory cost. It is easy to track the inventory in real-time and forecast what proportion stock you would like in the future.

Generate financial reports:

An E-commerce application can quickly generate financial reports on sales. Via integrates E-commerce with an ERP. The top user can move a step ahead, as an ERP software provides record, P/L Statement, balance, Cash Flow, etc. ensuring transparency about online transactions and financial information across the organization.

e-commerce store
e-commerce store

Increase productivity and saves time: 

The integrated ERP software streamlines multiple business processes, reducing the human resource involvement within the business processes. The workers do not need to input files from one platform to a different manually (e.g., shipping info, inventory levels, product info); instead, communication takes place automatically. This protects time and money and also makes employees liberal to be productive in other ways.

Also, all the online sales orders will get timely integrated into the ERP system. Also, an ERP user can instantly track the order and begin further processing. With ERP software integration, the order fulfillment cycle is reduced.

Reduces Data Redundancy and Error:

With the integration, all information, just like the web customer details, web orders, payment & shipping information, will be integrated into ERP software. Additionally, the Item and Inventory details are often uploaded from ERP to the e-commerce portal, eliminating the necessity of re-entering the info. Thus the mixing reduces human involvement, data redundancy, and error happening across the two different platforms.

Increase Customer Satisfaction:

One can quickly raise the extent of customer satisfaction by providing the up so far and real-time product information, inventory availability detail, order tracking feature, etc. within the E-commerce from ERP software. One also can automatically notify about when the shipment goes out, and thereby track the delivery along its journey. Real-time information providence adds value to the customer experience. Albeit trouble comes by, e.g., a delay or lack of stock, knowledge about things can minimize any dissatisfaction.

Better Control of your Business:

The integration of eCommerce and ERP business processes allows business owners to manage the entire business process from one location. It also unifies the eCommerce system with inventory, manufacturing, CRM, financials, e.tc. It is improving the communication between the interior departments. Finally, if you create money online and offline, integration allows you to possess one holistic picture of your sales.

If you are looking to develop an eCommerce app and looking for a cost-effective solution, then CartWiz is the best solution for you. It is an easy, affordable, and scalable eCommerce solution for your business.