Our Core Values

Your Success is Our Success

At CitrusLeaf, we believe that the biggest measure of our success as a software development company isn’t actually about our success, but yours. That’s why every part of CitrusLeaf is designed to help make your application wildly successful.

Best Quality - In & Out

We believe that writing great code, and hence delivering great software, should be our core focus. Because of our strict quality checks, we've been able to build amazing & beautiful software for our happy clients.

More than a contract - a Partnership

We strive to work with you seamlessly as a team. As your partners, we are flexible as per your demands. Need a bigger team? No problem. Need help hiring internal developers? We can even help with that by offering technical reviews and evaluations of candidates.

Assumption-Free Software

Software created in vaccum is rarely great. We understand that great software is a result of constant interaction and improvements. That's why we test and validate everything with you at every stage.

Proactive Communication

Prolonged silence begets concern. Proactive communication seeds confidence. We are proactive by nature, which means that we'll talk to you at every stage of the project or just to let you know that everything is 'on track'

The Team

CitrusLeaf started in the year 2015. After helping more than 20 startups and more than 15 businesses with their technological needs we've realized that our hunger for perfection has always increased with time. The goal of our team is to make software accessible, usable and affordable to every business because they deserve it. Our team consists of people from a diverse background with experience that speaks for itself.

Amrit Rathi