Tired of managing people and teams? Frappe HR is the solution you are looking for. It's the only 100% open-source HRMS with all the required modules to manage your team with ease

Frappe HR includes everything you need to run a highly efficient workforce. It has all the required modules like employee management, leave management, payroll management, expenses management and accounting. You can now understand and organize every aspect of your company with Frappe HR. Moreoever, it's fully customizable which means that you can create your own workflows and mould it according to your needs.

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Our Frappe HR consultants and developers are experts in:

  •  Installing Frappe HR on your cloud server
  •  Setting up Frappe HR on Frappe Cloud
  •  Frappe HR customization
  •  3rd party API integrations
  •  3rd party Payment integrations
  •  Workflows, Reporting and other customizations
  •  Frappe HR maintenance and upgrade

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Frappe HR Implementation Reviews from our customers

Custom Open Source HR

Frappe HR is the best open-source HR solution. It is extremely customizable and can be used in any industry with any kind of workflow.
With REST APIs, you can integrate it with 3rd party software as well.

One-size-fits-all solution for every business

Pre-built industry specific workflows and modules

Integrates with existing systems with ease

Works on every platform: mobile and desktop

The Frappe HR Advantage

  Go LIVE within days

Eliminate the long and tedious process of implementing an HR software. CitrusLeaf will help you implement Frappe HR within days.

  No proprietary software costs

Pay only for customization, consulting and implementation.

  3rd party API integration

Frappe HR can integrate with any 3rd party APIs and hardware.

  Infinte Cutomization

Thanks to Frappe Framework, creating custom apps on Frappe HR is easy and makes Frappe HR customization a breeze.

  Configurable Workflows

No matter how complex your workflows are, Frappe HR have them covered.

  Zero Installation

Delievered as a web application, Frappe HR can be accessed on any device with a web browser.

The Only HR Solution You Need

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Frappe HR Implementation & Development Services

A complete suite of HR modules:
  •   Leave management
  •   Employee management
  •   Attendance with Biometric Integration
  •   Recruitment management
  •   Performance and Appraisals
  •   Payroll, compliance and accounting
Open-source Human resource management software

Frequently Asked Questions

Frappe HR is an open-source Human resources management software which allows you to manage your workforce efficiently. It helps in managing your payroll, employee management, leave management and accounting as well.
There are many benefits to using Frappe HR, including:
  • Cost-effectiveness: Frappe HR is an open-source software, so you don't have to worry about vendor lock-in.
  • Scalability: Frappe HR is a cloud-based platform, so it is easy to scale as your business grows.
  • Flexibility: Frappe HR is a highly customizable software, so you can tailor it to the specific needs of your business.
  • Security: Frappe HR is a secure software, with features such as role-based access control and data encryption.
There are a variety of HRM development services available, including:
  • HRM customization: This service involves customizing Frappe HR Software to the specific needs of your business.
  • HRM integration: This service involves integrating Frappe HR with other software applications, such as recruitment or accounting software.
  • HRM migration: This service involves migrating your existing HR system to Frappe HR.
  • HRM training: This service provides training on how to use Frappe HR.
When choosing an HR Management Software you should consider the following:
  • The HR software's Scalability: Most HR software fail to scale as per your business grows. They become slow with time. Frappe HR is 100% cloud based software which means that you can grow infinitely with it.
  • Vendor Lock-in: Frappe HR is 100% Open-source software. This is very different from proprietary software which are hard to change.
  • Support and maintenance: Frappe HR is fully supported by Frappe Team which gives product warranty as well.
We have very cost-effective rates for Frappe HR customization and implementation. Implementation rates varies with the level of customizations that you need. Contact us on sales@citrusleaf.in to know more.