Content is something beyond an arrangement of words. It is a wordish representation of your company. Let us help you create your online presence captivating and worth remembering. We don’t write just facts but facts that influence the readers. We create high-quality content that can capture the interest of your audience. SEO optimized content is just another step to heighten the online presence of your business. We create content based on a four-pronged approach:

  • Quality-Focused
  • Highly Engaging
  • Creative & Consistent
  • SEO Optimized

Content Writing Services

Our writers are well-versed in playing with the words creatively. Credible content creation can cultivate more conversions for your company. Well, for that you need a content writer that is skilled enough and we are here for you. We can help you with your following content needs:


Copywriting, a compelling statement to get the overcrowded conversions for your product/services. With impactful words, we create winning sales copies for all industry verticals to build a robust brand impact. As the purpose of any business is to create customers, we focus on writing interactive, engaging and bizarre copies that are specifically conversion-oriented, SEO appealing and error-free.

Website Content

The website displays an online image of your company. Whatever is written on the website describes the value of your company. An appropriate dose of persuasive punchlines can help you earn more clients. Make sure it is worth to read for the user, error-free and also SEO optimized. We write extensively plagiarised free and meaningful content for your website.

Social Media Content

Social media is all about igniting engagement via being interesting, creative, unique. Our content is entirely focused on marketing objectives like reach, engagement, conversion. The content will be placement & demographic oriented to magnify your online reach among users. We will never skip on delivering the enthralling content for regular social media posts.

Blog Posts

Blogging is an essential part of the digital marketing strategy. Besides, the hallmark of our bloggers is that they can write enthusiastically on any topic which does not bore readers. Our expert blog writers will create brand-focused, interesting content so that your audience will never want to miss out on any of your blogs. Our content will be plagiarized free and SEO oriented.

Article Writing

Publishing articles on the website is mainly for creating backlinks and improving the online ranking of your site. Google algorithm evaluates your content following the criteria of quality and SEO. Any kind of sub-par content will affect your ranking. We can write impactful articles that are SEO oriented plus appealing to readers that can improve your website’s ranking.

Content Writing @ CitrusLeaf

Content is an extensively used marketing tool that encompasses the company values and represents it in a creative way to the audience. Let our writers help you expand your reach and grow your business via innovative, authentic and intuitive content write-ups. Good quality content aids in your brand or business in terms of a great conversion rate. We include the following values in our content strategy:

Simple yet Engaging

Compex content can sometimes be tough to crack. Simple and meaningful content can be easily understood by the user.

Tailor-made Content

The original holds more worth than a copy. We write authentic content according to your unique needs that will be 100% plagiarized-free.

Thoroughly Reviewed Content

Our write-up will go through various quality checks. Keen proofreading will be performed to add more value to the content.

SEO Optimization

Content is anything but a mainstay to digital marketing planning and online ranking. We use considerable keywords in our writing to match the Google keyword standards. This will result in high insights and improved online ranking of your brand.


Yes, we have an adept in-house marketing team with proficiency in SEO techniques including keyword research, meta tags, body tags, internal & external linking.
It is important that the facts you are writing on a certain topic are well-researched and authentic. So, make sure to perform proper research before writing on a specific topic. To collect the factually correct information about a subject include journals, published research, and relevant articles as your sources.
It depends on the skill set of the writer, as everyone has different ways of defining their content strategy. At CitrusLeaf Software, we prefer the mentioned approach to ensure the credibility of the content:
  • Determine the marketing goals
  • Study the targeted audience
  • Define the audience perspective of the brand
  • Set up a discussion to conceive creative ideas
  • Perform complete keyword analysis for SEO purpose
  • Draft the complete project plan
The charges depend completely on your requirements. But we conclude pricing based on the factors like research, writing, proofreading, editing, and rehashing. Please note that we do not compromise our prices over the quality of the content.
Yes, the content will be well-researched but an original writing piece. We go along with the strict ‘No-Plagiarism’ approach. Before deploying the write-up to the client, we perform a stringent plagiarism check using the tools like Copyscape. We share the plagiarism report with the client on request.
No, we do not offer any free-trial service but you can anyway contact us for our work portfolio.
We offer two significant revisions included in one-time service costs but do not charge any extra amount for minor revisions. However, our editors will make sure that the content is appropriate, error-free and formatted as per you specified.