Mobile Apps

Sange Music

Listen to some amazing African music only on Sange Music for free! Sange Music is built with Flutter and is available on both Android and iOS Platforms.

  • Beautifylly designed UI
  • Download music feature
  • Complete Admin interface

Flutter Laravel
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Cab Booking App

CabbyLal is a ride hailing app built with Flutter and Laravel. Complete with real-time push notifications and payments integrated, it provides one of a kind experience.

  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Push Notifications Integration

Laravel Flutter
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Agrawal Distributors

Custom mobile CRM for retail and distribution business. Built with Strapi and Flutter, it is designed for placing orders, tracking bills, making payments, checking ledger and employee management.

  • Available on Android
  • Customised B2B CRM
  • Custom multi-role admin dashboard

Strapi Flutter
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Alphred is the only Phabricator Client that's available for Android. We also use Phabricator for all of our project management needs.

  • Fully offline read capabilities
  • Login to any Phabricator instance
  • Automated token retrieval


Web Apps

Sange Music

Listen to your favourite African Music only on Sange Music for free! It's a beautifully designed music player web app built using VueJS and NuxtJS to indulge you into the world of artistic music.

  • Beautifully designed UI
  • Sever-side Rendered Web Application
  • Includes all the features of a music player

Laravel PostgreSQL Redis VueJS + NuxtJS Server Side Rendering
HDFC Campaign

A beautifully designed website for the HDFC Bank for one of their online campaigns. It attracted more than 1 million visitors in just a few days.

  • Beautifully designed website
  • Real-time campaign monitoring
  • Scaled to a million visitors effortlessly

Laravel PostgreSQL VueJS
Agrawal Distributors

Agrawal Distributors is a custom admin dashboard developed for the retail and distribution business. It allows user to manage all CRM activities like managing orders, bills, payments, ledger, employee salaries and attendance.

  • CRM development
  • Multi role dashboard
  • Employee management

Strapi NuxtJS PostgreSQL VueJS

AutoVRSE is developed for a VR/AR implementation company. Users can book an online demo from the website. This website consists of separate pages for each category.

  • CMS development
  • Social plugin integration

Laravel PostgreSQL

BookMyEdior is a website developed for the editor community. It allows the users to log in and hire the BookMyEditor team to proofread or edit their writing manuscripts or articles.

  • Interactive Interface
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online order placement

Laravel PostgreSQL Redis VueJS

Ek Number is an eCommerce website built using WooCommerce & Flutter. The website hold huge number of products and utilizes various code optimizations and caching techniques.

  • Web & Mobile App
  • Order tracking
  • Integrated Payment Gateway, multiple shipping rules

WooCommerce Flutter Android iOS
Online Bust Ticket Booking

Book your next bus ticket quickly with Kabra Express. The web app is built with MongoDB and Redis at the backend.

  • Online ticket booking
  • SMS notifications
  • GPS tracking

Laravel MongoDB Redis VueJS
MS Enterprises

MS Enterprise is a customized eCommerce website.

  • Multi-company support
  • Marg ERP integration
  • Customized eCommerce website

Laravel MySQL Redis VueJS

WordQ is an effective software developed to make users proficient in the English language. It is an English improving tool that assists students in improving their English reading and writing skills with its advanced features.

  • Voice-enabled web application
  • Grammar corrector
  • Offline sync