Strapi is a fast open source headless content management system (CMS) built with NodeJS. Being headless, it is very flexible and considerably reduces API development time. Since Strapi is headless, it can be integrated with any kind of frontend client and allows you to deliver content to all platforms - Mobile apps, Web apps, and even IoT devices. Its beautiful and simple admin panel helps content creators and developers in delivering exceptional digital experience to all their channels.

Why Strapi?

Reduces API development time

Generates models, schemas, controllers along with REST and GraphQL API out of the box. It also generated Swagger documentation.

Fully customizable

Provides fully customizable admin panel and custom functions for any kind of backend support and logic.

Multi database support

Supports all major databases - Postgresql, Sqlite, MongoDB, MySql.

Flexible content management

Allows you to create custom flows, categories and sections for any kind of application needs.

Role based access control

Provides multiple admin and user roles.


Allows localization, making it possible to manage multilingual content.

Create content at massive scale

Built with NodeJS, it’s one of the most powerful and scalable headless CMS systems today.

Expand your possibilities using Strapi

Easily combined with any of the below technologies

using vuejs for forntend development


using postgresql database fro mobile and web application development


Strapi @CitrusLeaf

We have always believed that software development should be as simple and as fast as possible. We believe in exploring new technologies and their possibilities in delivering excellence to our clients. We have used Strapi for 10+ recent cross platform projects. Our experience tells us that creating custom admin panels is very time consuming when done from scratch. Strapi provides you a simple, fully customizable admin panel with REST APIs ready to be consumed seamlessly on any client. It makes it extremely easy for us to focus on the requirements of our clients and deliver projects on time (before time in some cases). We have not only developed projects using Strapi but have also integrated it in our own website. With the help of Strapi we create one backend for your cross platform applications and make it simple to manage your content from one place. We take pride in using emerging technologies to the best of its capabilities to provide optimum solutions to our clients. With Strapi, we provide our clients with highly sustainable and scalable content driven applications helping their business to accelerate the development and delivery of modern digital experiences.

Built With Strapi

Our recent project completed using Strapi.