The next interface for human-computer interaction is going to be Voice. Why? Simply because algorithms like natural language processing, voice recognition have gone so strong that one can actually have their own assistants which answers their queries as naturally as an actual human assistant would. It's time you upgrade your business and give your customers a better way to interact with you.

The Amazing Alexa

Alexa is the new revolution in human-machine interaction. With Alexa, you speak the command and it's fulfilled, just like those sci-fi movies! Voice enabled interfaces like Alexa have opened an all new channel for your customers to interact with you. All they have to do is enable your business's skill in the Alexa app and they're connected to you instantly.

Not just consumers, enterprise are also leveraging Alexa to perform common tasks which took a lot of efforts previously. Need to generate an invoice? Just ask Alexa. Need to see your current inventory for a particular product? Once again, just ask Alexa. There are literally thousands of use-cases for Alexa to cater.


Industries that can benefit with Alexa Skill Development

Consumer Apps

Delight your customers


Better guest experience

Smart Home

Control your home

Office & Workplace

Improve productivity

Shops & Retail

Sell More

Health Care

Assist Better

Alexa Skill Development Services

Custom Skill Development

Require a custom Alexa skill for your business? You've come to the right place. We provide a complete design, development and testing suite for building custom Alexa skills. We can integrate any external system with Alexa using AWS Lambda or any other hosted solution. Moreover, we're skilled in NodeJS which means that you get the right solution in less time.

Mobile App Integration

Want to integrate Alexa to an exiting app? With Alexa Voice Services, we can integrate Alexa into your Android/iOS app quickly. Give the power of Voice to your apps with Alexa Voice Service. Alexa makes it more easy to interact with your app.

Integration with ERP Systems

Possibilities of integrating Alexa with Enterprise systems are enormous. Business owners can ask the right questions to Alexa and get answers quickly. Moreover, with OAuth authentication, it's very secure to integrate Alexa with external systems like ERPs and CRMs. Not just ERPs, any system which has APIs exposed can be easily integrated with Alexa.

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